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Ways I Take Care Of Myself

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


This month’s topic for “How We” with Mix and Match Mama and A Little Bit Of Everything is “how we take care of ourselves.” Because this week I shared about my husband and about my kids, I thought sharing about how I care for myself fit right in!

As moms, our lives tend to revolve around our kids and our homes, am I right? We always have to remember to do some self-care as well. Here are some of the ways I take care of myself on a daily basis.

1. Start the day with something you love. For me, it’s coffee and blog reading!

2. Exercise. I hate it, but I need it, so I do it.

3. I long ago realized that if I eat sweet cereal for breakfast, in a few hours I get a sugar drop that makes me feel awful. So I make sure to eat the right type of food for breakfast.

4. Speaking of food though, I definitely treat myself when I feel like doing so! Starbucks anyone?

5. I also treat myself to new clothes sometimes, even though I probably have enough. I do find myself wearing my favorites over and over again, but that’s ok, because they make me happy!

6. I quite often find myself thinking there is no point to putting on makeup when I’m not going anywhere important. Only I now realize I like how I look when I wear just a little on a daily basis! I’m working on a daily makeup routine and so far my go to products are Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation in dark sand (oh my, I did not know how expensive it is!) and Rodial Smokey Eye Pen.


I also received a sample of Dermalogica Calm Water Gel and Barrier Defense Booster from Influenster and I’m enjoying moisturizing my face with these products!


7. Another thing I am working on is streamlining my grocery shopping so that I don’t go to the store so many times each week. So far I’m doing a little bit better! Going to the store too often annoys me, and I try to avoid doing things that annoy me!

8. I do things that I like in order to relax, like binge watching too much TV and playing too many games on my phone!

9. I read every night before I go to bed. I love to read and it helps me fall asleep!

10. I try to forgive myself for the times I do things I’m not “supposed” to do or for just being me!

How do you take care of yourself?