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Cousin Time

Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Our trip to Atlanta included a small bit of sight-seeing, including the Urban Adventure Quest which I shared last week. Of course, the main reason we were there for the weekend was to meet my brother and sister-in-law’s new baby boy. I’ve already shared some of these pictures, but our time with the family was special and I feel I must write a dedicated post about it!

Our nephew was named and welcomed into the Jewish people at his circumcision ceremony, and we first met him just before that. He was wide awake and seemed happy to meet me too!


A few photos from when prayers were being said during the ceremony:


Afterwards, my kids were excited to see their little cousin!


Here is my brother telling her what her brother was named!


And she was so excited, she decided to go head first down the stairs.


We decided to take some cousin photos without the baby. First just the kids, and then with my parents.


My niece needed to be bribed with “puppy,” aka using the filters on Snap Chat. My kids of course got involved too.

DSC_2680  DSC_2683

We later had dinner together and I got to hold my nephew for a long time! This was on Friday, on Saturday we were together for lunch, and on Sunday we headed to my brother’s house for my cousin time!


My parents had to leave to head back to Florida, but my kids got some time with the new baby!

DSC_2707  DSC_2711DSC_2713DSC_2728

And so did I!


There was also more Snap Chat filter play:


Then Gabbie got the baby back.


We also count the dogs as our cousins!


Simon and his cousin also colored on her “clubhouse,” a big box she plays in. She was so excited to show Gabbie their work!


My niece is so sweet. When we had to leave and I told her so, she said “ohhh noooo.” Then she gave me a hug. I so wish we lived closer! Also, it’s my mom’s birthday today!