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7 Reasons To Do An Urban Adventure Quest

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

7 Reasons To Do An Urban Adventure Quest

A few weekends ago, we went to Atlanta to visit my brother and his family after they had a new baby. Just before we went, I happened to receive an email from US Family Guide asking for bloggers to review an Urban Adventure Quest. While there are no quests currently available in Kansas City, there are quests in over 60 cities and Atlanta was one of them. I was so excited to sign up to do the Atlanta Mini Quest with my family. Here’s why you should do an urban adventure quest where you live or while you’re visiting a new city!

1. Play with your family or friends at your own pace.


Our quest took place in Centennial Olympic Park and the surrounding area in downtown Atlanta.

2. Visit both known and overlooked gems in the city of your choice.

DSC_2558  DSC_2559DSC_2571

We had been to Centennial Olympic Park before, but never knew about all the different parts of the park, including sculptures and much about Olympic history. We also saw the Coca Cola Museum and courtyard, the aquarium, and CNN Center. There are over 60 quests to choose from and new cities are being added all the time.

3. Solve clues and complete challenges.


We had fun figuring out the answers to the clues, which were on my phone and web based. If we could not find the answer, we could receive clues. I had a hard time with how to solve one type of clue, but that didn’t ruin the experience for us!

4. Learn about local history.


We learned about the founder of the Olympics, the current mayor of Atlanta, etc.

5. Take breaks and look around as you do the quest.


A full quest takes 2-3 hours with about 20 challenges. Our quest took 1.5 hours with 13 challenges. You will cover a distance of 1-2 miles as well.

6. Decide where else you might want to visit.


We had been to both the World of Coke and the aquarium in the past, but we had never been to CNN. We decided to come back and do the CNN tour too.

7. Choose your city and save 20% off with the code FGBLOG.


We had a lot of fun exploring Atlanta together! It was a little much for Simon, but my older kids really enjoyed the experience! Zachary asked right away if we could do another quest at home.

Do you think your family or group of friends would enjoy doing an Urban Adventure Quest?

My family and I participated in an Urban Adventure Quest in exchange for our review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are our own.