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Wynwood Walls Miami

Thursday, January 18, 2018


While we were in Miami, I found out about a place that I knew I had to check out – Wynwood Walls. I found it because I had heard of a bakery called Zak the Baker and was told that I should try it. When I told my friend I was thinking of going there, she told me the bakery is located in Wynwood, a neighborhood where walls, buildings, and Miami real estate are painted and decorated and so fun for photographers like me! Simon is always cooperative when I want to take photos of him with fun walls, and Gabbie gets in some, but Zachary doesn’t like to – never fear, he was there, just not in the photos!

DSC_1405  DSC_1406DSC_1419DSC_1407


There is a whole area you walk around to look at the walls, and this sculpture is also there.


Outside of the area, the businesses are also painted and decorated.


This is the bakery we were headed to!


We continued around the block from there.

DSC_1435  DSC_1436DSC_1437DSC_1438

It was such a cool area to check out and I would definitely go back!