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Thoughts On Blogging

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Because these things have been on my mind, I want to write them down here, in my space, where I share my thoughts.

I’m not new to blogging – my archives go back as far as 2010 – and still, I struggle to find my tribe.

Many times when I get to know other bloggers, they decide to close their blogs.

Right now, the trend seems to be to cut back on blogging days, which includes reading other blogs.

I do take blogging time off, most commonly on Jewish holidays, but I like to catch up on what I’ve missed when I come back online.

I’m always looking for new blogs to read and leave comments on.

I admit when I leave comments for bloggers, I hope they will visit my blog too.

I don’t expect other bloggers to comment on all of my posts, but a line here or there so that I know they are reading is always welcome.

I can be petty. If I have been commenting on a blog and I never receive comments back, I will probably stop reading that blog.

Of course, I don’t comment on every post I read either.

I blog because I want to. I like writing and photography and sharing my thoughts and photos.

However, it does make me sad when I share something important to me but it doesn’t interest anyone else.

I also love when my blog is chosen for sponsored posts and opportunities. If I can make a bit of money off of doing what I love, I’m all for it.

I don’t often get chosen for the opportunities I apply for.

Do I want to give up? No, I want to get better.