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The Backyard BBQ & Brew Kosher Restaurant in Miami

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Backyard BBQ & Brew Kosher Restaurant in Miami

I very rarely blog about restaurants, because I rarely eat at any. Following the kosher dietary laws means finding restaurants that are kosher certified, and that is not always easy! Our very good friends recently moved from here to South Florida and took over a restaurant in the Surfside area of Miami. While we were in Florida, we got to spend time with our friends, as well as visit their restaurant. [I was not compensated for this post or for the food that we sampled!]

The restaurant is called The Backyard BBQ & Brew and you can view their menu here. They are pretty busy and their space isn’t huge, so it helps to have a reservation! Our friend who is the owner is known as “RaBBi-Q” and is an award winning BBQ Pitmaster. He started the Kosher BBQ Competition in Kansas City and travels around to other competitions to help run them and to enter his food. In case you are confused like I was when I first moved to Kansas City, BBQ here is not hamburgers and hot dogs, nor is it grilling, it is smoked, and it features brisket, ribs, and chicken! The restaurant does have burgers, but they are mainly known for their smoked items.


The design is rustic with pallets on the ceiling and drinks served in mason jars.


Dave really liked the beer he tried, which our waiter recommended. I also got a drink, which is rare for me – a sangria.


We ordered a lot because we wanted to try everything. Actually, our friend catered Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah and cooked for other events we attended in the past, so we knew some of the food already and wanted to have it again!


My favorite:  BBQ Sundae, which is layered cole slaw, beans, beef, and fried onions.

Clockwise from front: Mashed potatoes, ribs, sweet potato fries, smoked chicken.

Hiding behind the ribs are my other favorite, burnt ends.

And my other other favorite: Baked beans with beef.

Simon and Zachary got burgers from the kids menu. (Simon took the burger off the bun, it didn’t come like that!) Gabbie shared with the adults.


Check out those empty plates! We loved everything. If I was to order my own meal rather than sharing, I would have gotten the burnt ends and the beans, plus you have to have the cole slaw with that! Dave’s favorite is the chicken and he loves the ribs as well, plus he likes the burnt ends…so he’d probably order everything again!


We also tried the Bourbon Pecan Pie for dessert, which we are told is famous and well-loved. I was looking at my phone for some reason while everyone else dug in, and I barely got two bites!


Doesn’t the food look amazing? It is!