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Another Johnson County Museum Visit

Monday, January 29, 2018


Last night, we had our synagogue’s annual dinner at the Johnson County Museum – the same location where I recently brought the kids and wrote about here. The dinner was not in the museum area itself, but in the same building, so we were also able to visit the museum at the same time. Dave had not been to the museum and going without the kids afforded me a bit more time to learn about Johnson County history – as well as realize that last time we went around the museum in the reverse order – from present to past, rather than from past to present!

The kids area was of course empty, while last time we were there it was over crowded!


Early days in the county:


Dave wanted to learn about being a farmer:


Still a cool car:


I was excited to Dave the 1950s All-Electric House. This time, we had a mini-tour of the house, so we got to see the TV’s hiding spot behind the picture frame – one of Zachary’s favorite parts of the house.


The house also shows how life might have been like in the 1950s with clothing laid out on beds and toys on the floors.


Of course, there is also the rotary phone. I had some in my own house in the 80’s!


I took this same picture of Simon:


We also enjoyed the dinner and were happy to be there for the honorees!


The quick look at the museum made me happy to get to check out a museum without the kids, although I’m sure when we return they will be with me again!