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How To Make A Photo Collage Using Fotor

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


So, you know I take a lot of photos, right? Sometimes, I think about combining photos into collages instead of posting so many at once! When I was looking for photo editing sites, I came across Fotor. Fotor’s collage maker offers a variety of styles to create your collage, with hundreds of templates to choose from.


First, I tried the Classic Collage, in which you can chose your photo grids based on the amount of photos you want to add, as well as add more cells. You just have to drag and drop your photos where you want them.


You can change the background color of the collage, or use an image as the background.


You can also use your own image as the background, as I did here.


There are many options of stickers you can add to your collage as well. You can change the color of the sticker using the dropper tool and you can adjust its size to how you want it.


Here is my Classic Collage:


You can save your work both on Fotor’s cloud and to your computer.


Next, I tried the Artistic Collage, which gives the options of more present themes and text. These look like they would be awesome for creating cards, although Fotor does offer templates for cards as well! Once again, you drag and drop your photos where you want them on the collage. You can unlock the cells if you want to adjust the sizes of the template.


I ended up removing one of the photo blocks. Next, I edited the text.


I decided to add a sticker instead of only using text. In the sticker area, I searched for “summer” to find an appropriate sticker (I did this for the sun I used above, too).


Again, I changed the color of the sticker and adjusted its size.


Here is my Artistic Collage:


Next, I tried the Funky Collage option. These templates are fun because they are made up of various shapes.


How fun is that? I kept adding in photos until it looked cool!


Then I changed the background too.


I liked this one too. You can even split up one photo in different pieces for a cool look. I didn’t quite do that here!


Finally, there is a Photo Stitching option, which is where you can make a composite of your photos next to one another.


Here’s mine!


I think these collages would be great to have printed, use as cards, or frame, plus they would be great to cut down on too many photos in a blog post! I will definitely make use of Fotor’s photo editing program in the future! Which of my collages do you like the best?


$10 at Target–January

Monday, January 15, 2018


For awhile now I have been participating in the $10 at Target challenge. The idea is to spend $10 and only $10 buying items at Target. We link up our finds on the 3rd Monday of every month, so feel free to head to Target, spend $10, and share your finds. I always love checking out what everyone else decided to get!

This month, I headed to the store without a set idea of what I wanted. I thought maybe a few organizational items would be nice. The dollar spot was switching over to Valentine’s Day and spring, but there were a few New Year themed items left too.

IMG_4338  IMG_4340

Cacti anyone? This stuff is so cute!

IMG_4355  IMG_4357

These could be useful!


But I did not get any of this! What did I get?

These cute white cupcake stands – or pedestal stands for my Rae Dunn displays! I got 2 at $1 each.

A new calendar for my bulletin board – $3.

A new dish towel (the red one) – $3.

I also got a plastic bin that I was going to use in one of my cabinets, but it was too big. Gabbie said she could use it for things in her room, so I gave it to her. It was also $3.

So it looks like my total was $11…oops! That’s $1 over! But I’m okay with that. What do you think of my finds?



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Hooray, It’s Friday! Snow Day, Bloody Mary, and Baby

Friday, January 12, 2018


Time for some random Friday rambles!


Yesterday we had our first snow day in 3 years. It was actually due to predictions of bad icy conditions. Gabbie was supposed to have her orthodontist consultation, so I had to cancel that, but otherwise, it wasn’t a bad day to be forced to stay home. We even baked cookies!



While we were in Florida, we ate at a bunch of restaurants besides the one I mentioned yesterday. I have always wanted to try a bloody Mary with garnish, look how awesome this one was:

Plus tacos and wings, yum.


My very good friend had a baby two weeks ago! I haven’t spent enough time with him yet but he is so tiny and cute. Gabbie sewed him a blanket and my friend sent me a photo of him sleeping on it – awww!



Zachary was in the school Hebrew Spelling Bee! As a kid who has always struggled with spelling, I was super proud of him for qualifying. He wouldn’t let me come to the bee, so here is a cropped photo of him from the whole group of participants!



In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

kitchen  bbqgoals10randomfacts

Have a great weekend!


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