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Zachary’s Winter Showcase

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


As we approach the end of the calendar year, we are wrapping up the first half of the school year as well. Last week, the 3rd-5th grades put on a show for their parents and friends in order to share all that they are learning so far this year. The show started with the 5th graders playing their instruments.

Zachary was happy to hide behind his music stand!

Next, the 3rd-5th grades sang a Hanukkah medley all together.


Then the individual classes did presentations. After the 3rd graders’ turn, there was an intermission where we could go see the kids’ projects that were around the room. Zachary made a mezuzah in art class and researched Christopher Columbus in general studies.


Here he was using my phone to scan the QR code on his art project. This is what it brought up:


When it was time for the 5th graders’ class presentation, Zachary had a speaking part. He shared that the class read Wonder this semester. His speaking partner shared that they were all going to say a precept they wrote themselves, like the ones that Mr. Browne shares in the book.

DSC_1051  DSC_1052
Zachary’s precept was “Hard work isn’t always as hard as it seems.”

He also presented a precept, or classroom rule, in Hebrew.


The program ended with one more Hanukkah song. I always enjoy seeing what the kids have been doing at school!