Not In Jersey: Hooray, It’s Friday! Pinewood Derby, Conditioner, and Menorahs Hooray, It’s Friday! Pinewood Derby, Conditioner, and Menorahs - Not In Jersey

Hooray, It’s Friday! Pinewood Derby, Conditioner, and Menorahs

Friday, December 8, 2017


Time for some random Friday rambles!


Last Sunday was Pinewood Derby. We are not fast car experts but the boys seem to have fun every year. And our cars weren’t the slowest! Zachary finished in 2nd for his den – out of 3 kids.

Simon’s car was a taxi.

Zachary’s was a pink e-racer (eraser).



I was recently offered the opportunity to try out a product from Maple Holistics, a company that specializes in all-natural and cruelty-free personal care products. I chose to try Tea Tree Oil Conditioner, which conditions and softens hair and includes keratin, silk protein, amino acids, Vitamin B5, and more, helps you achieve a clear, healthy scalp and silky, easy-to-handle hair. Its benefits include improving dry, curly, thinning, frizzy, brittle, static, and wavy hair – and more! My hair definitely felt more moisturized after using this conditioner. It gives your scalp a tingling feeling and a cooling effect, which is interesting. The bottle is so strong that it was hard to squeeze out! Maple Holistics offers a FREE PRODUCT SAMPLE page! Request the one you want to try!



There is a menorah display at the JCC right now and when I was there, I took a few pictures. I have a collection of menorahs myself! I missed taking photos of the unique, modern, decorative ones, besides this one:


I did get pictures of some of the classic ones:



A Keurig had been on my wish list forever and I finally got one!



In case you missed it, this week I posted about:

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And a guest post – The Ultimate Winter Car Survival Kit.

Have a great weekend!


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