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Hanukkah–Nights 5-8

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Continuing from where I left off!


On the 5th night, we had a party at our friends’ house. We lit our menorahs at home first.

This one goes outside.

The kids got their gifts too.

DSC_1262  DSC_1263
Vera Bradley Backpack (from my parents) | Home Alone Movie + Pajamas

Harry Potter 8 DVD Set | Minecraft: Story Mode

At our friends’ house, multiple people lit menorahs and it was pretty!


She also made latkes in a casserole, rather than individual pancakes.



On the 6th night, we went to the Plaza menorah lighting. They light a big menorah and then there was a fire show.

DSC_1300  DSC_1304

And we lit our menorah at home – Zachary’s turn.

DSC_1319  DSC_1321
Simon got Pokemon cards and socks and he was thrilled with both! He had just been telling me that same day that his socks are too small.

Zachary got an SD Card for his camera and Monopoly for the Switch. Gabbie got a shirt she can wear to dance and a black hoodie. No pictures of them from the 6th night!


The 7th night brought us to a new location – my parents’ house in Florida!

DSC_1332  DSC_1333
DSC_1334  DSC_1335

The kids got t-shirts as their gifts.


Once again, we were at my parents’ house. Everyone helped light the candles.

Family picture!

The kids got Disney pins, either to keep or trade on our next Disney trip!

DSC_1351  DSC_1353
DSC_1354  DSC_1357

That’s a wrap on Hanukkah 2017!