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10 Favorite Pictures of 2017

Monday, December 11, 2017


This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Perfectly Port is 10 Favorite Pictures of 2017. I always say that I can’t narrow down my photos, but when I thought back on my favorite photos that I took this year, I could think of 6 favorites off the top of my head! They are the pictures that I always come back to when ordering prints, the ones that you see on the top of my blog posts and on my Instagram, etc. And bonus: it’s kind of a look back at the year in photos.


The photo of Gabbie that we used on her Bat Mitzvah invitations. Well, it’s one of them.


Silly Simon with his siblings.


Gabbie and her friends taking selfies.


Best friends.


Random scene in NYC.


This photo has already been stolen borrowed many times by people in the Scandal fandom. But I was there and I took it!


That perfect photo of all three kids.


One of the first photos I took in Cuba, I love the rain and the guy with the umbrella!


One of the many, many photos I took of Gabbie for our dance photo shoot!


Gabbie on the beach in San Diego.

Do you like my photos as much as I do?


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