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Thanksgiving Recap

Tuesday, November 28, 2017


This year was the first in a few that we didn’t have family visiting us, nor did we visit family over Thanksgiving. Instead, we got together with a few families that also don’t have family members here and we divided up the cooking. What’s funny is that I originally said I would make stuffing, sweet potatoes, and mashed potatoes, but when we did the dividing, I was the last to claim food and those things were already taken. I got fruit, apple cider, and pie! Since Dave does the pies in our house, I didn’t have much to do on Thanksgiving morning other than watch the parade and the dog show with the kids while watching for good deals online. We went to our friends’ house in the afternoon for our get together.

DSC_0883  DSC_0885
Outside their house – the lighting was off and the kids were silly!

There were kids there that my kids are friends with ranging from kindergarten up to Gabbie – she was the oldest and didn’t much feel like hanging out with the younger kids! I tried to get a picture of the group but they all ran away. (There were also a few younger kids there, but they weren’t there yet when I was trying to get the picture!) Food cooperates more than kids, so here are some food photos!

The marshmallows caught fire in the oven, but they were salvaged!

My plate



After dinner, we went to the Country Club Plaza to walk around. They light up the buildings on Thanksgiving night, but we were there after they were already on.

DSC_0937  DSC_0939

The weekend continued Friday morning when the kids and I went to see Wonder. We all enjoyed it. Thank goodness for big recliner seats, because Simon wanted to share a chair with me! It was cuddly!

I ordered myself this t-shirt because I believe in choosing kind.


Then, on Saturday night I got to check off a bucket list item – participate in an Escape Room! There were 10 of us and we did not escape, but we had fun trying!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend!