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Natural Remedies to Deter Mosquitoes

Monday, November 6, 2017

Thank you to Bill's Pest Termite Control for today’s guest post.

There is no denying that mosquitoes are a nuisance. Along with causing you to suffer itchy bites, they spread many diseases. Finding an effective repellent or insecticide is a desirable solution. Unfortunately, chemical repellents are almost as much of a nuisance as the insects. If you hate risking harming yourself in a cloud of toxic chemicals, here are a few natural remedies with ingredients you most likely have at home that you can use to keep these pests at bay.

End Mosquitoes Before They Repopulate

Mosquitoes lay eggs in stagnant bodies of water. Sprinkling coffee grounds in the water should cause the eggs to rise to the surface and die. This is an excellent solution for preventing the mosquito population in your yard from increasing.

Mix Up A Repellent in a Spray Bottle

Use an empty spray bottle to try one of the following repellent mixtures:

- Dish soap and water makes an excellent repellent for lots of pesky insects
- Red cedar is an aromatic natural repellent can be sprayed in the home, yard or anywhere you’d like. Boil red cedar mulch in water and use the result in a spray bottle.
- Mint’s strong smell repels insect and can be mixed with water for a spray.
- Coconut Oil - You can put some directly on yourself. The smell is pleasant to humans but deters mosquitoes.

Sit A Repellent Out Where Mosquitoes Gather

- Pouring a bottle of beer into a bowl should repel mosquitoes.
- Camphor Balls or Neem Oil placed around the room repels mosquitoes.
- Dry ice emits carbon dioxide which deters mosquitoes.

Prevent Mosquitoes From Being Drawn To Your Home or Patio

Plant mosquito repellent plants like mint or catnip around your home to repel mosquitoes naturally. You can also burn some rosemary as another natural remedy to deter mosquitoes.

If you still get bit, you can soothe the itch with baking soda and water, oatmeal, or aloe vera. Try some of these natural remedies to find out which you like best.

Check Out This Cool Infographic to Learn Even More Mosquito Fixes

I know I hate mosquitoes! I hope this information is helpful!