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How To Remain Comfortable While Staying Active This Fall

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#advertisement I received compensation from Dr. Scholl’s® to write this post. All opinions are entirely my own. #CustomFitRelief #DrScholls


Fall is such a fun time with the weather cooling down, the leaves changing color, and so many fun fall activities to check out! From apple picking to pumpkin picking to fall festivals, I get so excited about taking my kids everywhere! With the changing temperatures comes the necessity to think ahead about what to wear, what to bring, and how to stay comfortable while having a great time and staying active with your kids. Here are my tips!

1. Dress for the weather. Being that the fall weather can change so often, sometimes rising as much as 20 degrees in one day, I like to wear layers. When my kids and I planned to help out in the community garden plus go on a walk to look for fall leaves, I chose to wear a light-weight sweatshirt. In the morning, I wore my fleece jacket as well, but later I was able to remove it. Also, when it rained the night before, I chose to wear my rain boots, but for our leaf walk I wore sneakers!


2. Think ahead about what you may need. I am not great at that! You probably want to bring at least water, and if your kids are the type to often feel hungry, bring along some snacks! If it will be sunny out, bring sunglasses or a hat. If you are looking for pretty leaves, don’t forget your camera! If you’ll be volunteering at the community garden, consider gloves that fit your kids!


3. Get Custom Fit® relief with Dr. Scholl’s®. I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I walk a long distance or stay on my feet for awhile, I experience lower back and foot pain. It is important to wear supportive shoes, but I also discovered that Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotics provide immediate and all day relief for your foot, knee, or lower back pain from being on your feet! I visited a Custom Fit® Kiosk at my local Walmart and was able to get Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts recommended specifically for me in under 2 minutes! For both volunteering at the garden and going on a leaf walk, I wore Custom Fit® Orthotic Inserts and no one could tell but me.


Dr. Scholl’s® experts developed the FootMapping® technology used in the Custom Fit® kiosk. It uses over 2,000 pressure sensors to create your Custom Footmap – identifying your arch type, foot length and unique pressure points. The kiosk was located in my Walmart in the pharmacy area.

IMG_4076  IMG_4077
IMG_4078  IMG_4079

Follow the directions on the screen at your local Custom Fit® Kiosk and step onto the footprints after removing your shoes and coat.

IMG_4080  IMG_4081

Touch the screen to get started and choose your gender. Then select your desired product – in this case Orthotic Inserts.

IMG_4082  IMG_4083

Next, the machine will instruct you to stand on the footprints, lean forwards, and stand on each foot individually. You also need to hold onto the bars in front of you. I missed that at first!

IMG_4084  IMG_4085

When your Footmapping® is complete, you will see your recommended product on the screen. My recommendation was CF310. I was then able to select this product from the shelves directly surrounding the screen. I was also able to read about my product recommendation, which is meant for those of us with standard foot arches, as well as access a $10 rebate on my purchase. You can try Custom Fit® Orthotics risk-free with the Dr. Scholl’s® Money Back Guarantee  plus save $10 on your purchase with this rebate!

IMG_4087  IMG_4090
IMG_4088  IMG_4089

Custom Fit® Orthotics are comprised of 4 layers, each providing a different benefit. These layers provide support and cushioning to immediately relieve foot and lower body pain and provide you with all-day comfort. Because pain in your lower back and knees can originate from your feet, getting custom support and cushioning to disperse your foot pressure and reduce the stress on your knees and back can keep you comfortable and active all day. With the Custom Fit® Orthotics in my boots and later in my sneakers, I was able to enjoy being on the go with my kids and enjoy a full day of activity while staying comfortable on my feet!

We had a great time volunteering and looking for leaves together!

DSC_0541  DSC_0543

How do you stay comfortable while getting active with your kids?