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How I Create Free Pinnable Images Using Ribbet

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

How I Create Free Pinnable Images Using Ribbet

Earlier this year, I started including pinnable images on many of my posts in the hopes that they would be shared on Pinterest. I used picmonkey for creating these images. However, recently picmonkey began requiring a paid membership in order to save any edited photos created on their site, whether saved to your computer or to the site – they used to only require payment for use of their advanced features, and later only if you wanted to save to their hub. Because I love free programs, I searched for one that is like picmonkey but does not charge, and I found Ribbet. I would have to say it is not as advanced as picmonkey, but it does allow me to create my images for Pinterest the same way I did on picmonkey. Here’s how I do it:

From this screen, click on Home on the top left.

Notice how there is an option to open the last photo I was working on? In order to create a new image though, I choose one of the demo photos.

Choose Resize at the bottom of the left hand sidebar.

Uncheck Keep Proportions and enter the dimensions 735x1101.

Now you will find the photo you want to use as your background for your image. Many people suggest using a vertical photo for this purpose, but as long as you have a full version of a photo, it will be large enough to fill the space you need. You just may not be able to use the whole photo. At the bottom, choose Upload a photo and you will see it on the bottom toolbar.

Drag the photo onto the image.

ribbet7  ribbet8
Using the lines around the new photo, drag it until it covers the whole thing.

At the top, choose stickers, and scroll down the sidebar to Geometric.

Choose the second shape, which is a rectangle.

Drag the rectangle across your photo and adjust its size to the place you want it.

You can change the color of the rectangle using the Properties square that comes up. I always click on the current color (black) which brings up an eyedropper tool. Then I choose a color from somewhere on the photo. This tool will match the rectangle to that color.

I use the Fade option to make the rectangle see-through. I usually fade it about 30-35%.

To add your image title, choose Text from the top of the page. At the bottom of the font bar, choose Load My Fonts, or use one of the ones Ribbet offers.

In the box on top of the Font options, type in your text. You will have to include a hard return where you want the text to split. Then click on Add.

Using the Text Properties box, center your text and change the color to black.

Now drag the text on top of your previously made rectangle. You will probably need to adjust the size of the text box so that it fits.

Now, click on Save and save the photo to your computer! Make sure you give it a name that matches the image you have created!

This image looks just like the images I was previously make using picmonkey. Ribbet does have a paid option, but I am thrilled that I don’t have to pay just to create a simple image like this one! What do you think?