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Fun With Kids in San Diego

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fun With Kids in San Diego

A few weeks ago, I shared our visit to Sea World in San Diego. As I mentioned in that post, we were in San Diego for a few days while Dave attended a conference. Gabbie, Simon, and I kept ourselves busy while there by being touristy. On the first day there, we visited Petco Park and on the second day we visited Sea World. On the third day, my good friend who lives in L.A. came down to hang out with us and we went to Coronado to the beach!

(But first, a dip in the hotel pool)


We took the ferry to Coronado.

That’s our hotel.

The Coronado Bridge.


Gabbie had big plans to do a beach photoshoot. So while it seems funny to be sharing these pictures when it’s not hot out, it’s probably still warm in San Diego!

DSC_9417  DSC_9418
DSC_9421  DSC_9422
DSC_9426  DSC_9427

Somehow, she has the perfect beachy curls!


Back in our room that afternoon:


Because we are interesting and adventurous parents, we took the kids to Tijuana that night. Dave and I went there many years ago also while visiting San Diego and it’s not quite as I remembered it. There wasn’t all that much to see either.


On our last day in San Diego, we checked out Old Town, and Gabbie said it looked like what she thought Tijuana would have looked like! So for that (not exactly) Mexican experience, maybe we should have just visited Old Town.


Have you been to San Diego?


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