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San Diego–Sea World

Thursday, September 28, 2017


So, just a few days after we returned from our NJ visit and road trip home, we headed off to San Diego. Dave had a work conference there, so Gabbie, Simon, and I tagged along. Zachary was away at camp at the time. (He knew about it and just said we couldn’t go to Disneyland without him!) While Dave attended his conference, the kids and I entertained ourselves around San Diego. On the first day, we did the Petco Park Stadium Tour which I wrote about here. After that, we hung around the hotel until we had a room so we could change to go swimming! On our second day in San Diego, we headed to Sea World.

DSC_9238  DSC_9239

We got pretty close to the dolphins, which was a fun way to start the day.


Next, we watched the dolphin show – it was not located in the same spot, as we’d originally thought!


There are also whales in the show.


We waited in line to go on a ride called Submarine Quest. It wasn’t worth the wait. We watched the “Pets Rule” show, which was really cute and funny.


We watched the sea lions for a little while. They make a lot of noise when they beg for food!


We looked in some aquariums and saw fish.


And penguins.


In the Arctic area we saw beluga whales and walruses.


We watched the sea lion show, which was cheesy but also cute.


We had to check out the flamingoes because I love them! The babies are so cute! Then it was time for them to be fed and they all started walking into a crowd, which made us laugh.


We rode the skyride. Simon and I also went on the rapids ride, but Gabbie doesn’t like those for some reason!


Simon had been waiting the whole day to hang out in the Sesame Street area and he was lucky enough to meet Elmo and Oscar. Check out what Elmo did with Simon’s hat! We later found some red hair in it, which was kind of silly!

DSC_9387  DSC_9388
DSC_9389  DSC_9390

Then Simon rode Elmo’s Flying Fish and played in the play area for a bit.


We had used Uber to get to and from the park and my phone battery was low because I forgot to bring my charging wire – luckily it held up until we were ready to leave because otherwise I’m not sure how I would have requested an Uber to come pick us up!

I think the kids enjoyed our day at Sea World, although Simon would have liked more time in the Sesame Street area and Gabbie would have liked less time there! We all loved seeing the animals. Have you ever been to Sea World?


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