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August In Review

Friday, September 1, 2017


For us, August means the end of summer and back to school. About half the month was still summer and half was school days! Let’s look at that a little bit more in depth with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Month Review in Numbers Link Up!

Month Review In Numbers

Days Simon Was At Soccer Camp – 4

Days Gabbie Was At Sewing Camp – 4

Days Zachary Was At Camp – 0

Days The Kids Have Been Back At School – 11

Days We Were Away From Home – 1

Posts About Travel – 5
Four Places To Visit In New Jersey | Four More Places To Visit In New Jersey | Mini St. Louis Trip | Cuba – Day One | Cuba – Days Two and Four

Reviews Posted – 4
Silk Pillowcases | Beer Can Chicken Roaster | Coola Suncare | Perfect Bars

Books Reviewed – 5

Birthdays Celebrated – 1 (Simon’s)

Royals Games Attended – 3

Family / Partial Family Bike Rides – 5

Items Checked Off Our Summer Bucket List – 5
See The Royals Play In St. Louis | Swim Lessons For Simon (he had one) | Pool Days | Get Ready For School | Celebrate Simon’s Birthday


Activities That Didn’t Make It To The Blog – 3
Swimming | Water Park Visit | Science City Visit


Pictures I Took Of Simon And His Friends Being Silly – 29


Inches Gabbie is Taller Than Zachary – 12

Back To School Nights Attended – 2

Items In My August Picture Folder – 363

Pictures Shared On Instagram – 21

Total Blog Posts – 25

Happy September everyone!