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10 Summer Ideas Completed: Part 2

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Earlier this summer I shared 10 Ideas that we hope to complete, and soon after I shared the first two of those projects. We had a break from working on the list because Zachary was away at camp, and since he’s been back we’ve been working on them again!

Not surprisingly, we started out by making a few of the food related projects! First up was the Root Beer Float Popsicles.


I couldn’t find plastic popsicle holders (we have a set that we use for yogurt pops daily!) so we improvised with cups and wooden sticks.


We didn’t give them enough time to fully freeze, but everyone was happy to eat them anyway!

Next up was making ice cream sandwiches. We had a few types of cookies to choose from and we enjoyed putting the toppings on them!


For a non-snack related project, we tried making bouncy balls. The recipe worked, but the balls didn’t bounce super high or anything! (And a few days later, they harden up…)

DSC_9751  DSC_9754DSC_9755DSC_9757DSC_9758

At the same time, Gabbie decided to make a different slime recipe. She liked how this one turned out and said it felt like a mix between play-doh and kinetic sand.


Finally, we attended a class at a local art studio to create our kindness rocks. They charged us only $5 for 1 big , 5 medium, and 5 small rocks and the mess wasn’t at our house, so that was a win for me! We still have to place most  the rocks for people to find, but here’s what we made!

Those 4 are mine! Zachary decided not to participate in this one!

So, as of now, we have completed 6 things on our idea list and have 4 more to go. The kids have off school this week and half of next, so I think we’re on good track, how about you?

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