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New York City: Fun Stores To Visit With Kids

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

New York City: Fun Stores To Visit With Kids

When I wrote about exploring New York City after my trip there in May, I didn’t plan to add more posts to the series, but then the kids and I spent some more time in NYC during our NJ visit and I figured I’d share what we did!


We headed to some fun stores in Times Square! Was it crazy for me to be walking around New York City with 3 kids? Well, maybe a little. But it was a weekday morning before school was out on the East Coast, so it was not very crowded. In fact, I have never seen these stores so empty!

First stop:


We checked out the Disney Store and each kid chose a Tsum Tsum. Next up, one of my favorites! M&M World!


Of course, we bought some M&Ms! We got Caramel, Cupcake, and Vanilla flavors to try. After that, we went across the street to the Hershey store, where I’d never been before. It’s much smaller than M&M World!


From there, it was on to Rockefeller Center and the ballerina balloon (that I wrote about here) was still there!

Gabbie said I should tell you that she was wearing shorts under her skirt!

We paid a visit to the Lego Store, which is always cool to check out.


And last, we visited the American Girl Store. My boys are really into the things at this store for some reason!


From there, we hopped a subway and went to a museum – which I will update about sometime in the future!


Have you ever been to any of these stores?