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Jewish Children’s Museum

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Jewish Children’s Museum

As you probably realized, we visited a lot of science museums this summer. So when I mentioned that we visited a museum in New York City, you probably figured it was yet another science museum. And we actually did visit some of the museums on the list that are in NYC! But on the day in question (the first Monday we were in NJ / NY), we actually visited a different type of museum – The Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn. We had been there in the past, but it had been awhile for me. The kids loved it and could have spent at least an hour in each section of the museum! Sadly for them, we did not have that much time, so I kept having to rush them along!

We started out with the crafts area, where each person can complete a craft project from a variety of choices.

This one is mine!

The kids all did projects that consist of putting sequins into a foam board to complete a design. Aren’t they cool?

Next we checked out a temporary play area that had an underwater theme.


And then we moved on to the Jewish Life area, where kids learn about all areas of Jewish life!

Respect Your Teachers game.

Creating a get well card for children in a local hospital.

Kosher supermarket with quizzes about blessings on food.

The Jewish Holidays area is large and has a ton to do!

Starting with Shabbat (the Sabbath):

A large spice box with different spices in the drawers.

Matzah Ball computer and large challah to crawl through.

Huge braidable challah.

Watching a video about wine inside a large wine cup!

Dancing for Simchat Torah:


Trying to unlock doors and learn about Sukkot:


Interactive Hanukkah Menorah:


Flowers blooming on Mt. Sinai for Shavuot:


Next we went up to the top level to check out the Gallery of Games, which includes mini golf!


And a rock wall:


Then we checked out the display about Jewish History. This part we really had to speed through as we were running out of time!


Like I said, my kids could have spent way more time in this museum! The Jewish Children’s Museum is great for kids of all ages and backgrounds and if you’re ever in the area and have the chance, I would recommend checking it out!