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Hooray, It’s Friday! Sales and Royals Games

Friday, July 21, 2017


Since I review books on Fridays, I don’t always get to write a “Hooray It’s Friday” post. I have all these things that I want to write about though, so I figured I’d just add a second post today!

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Gabbie’s dance team is going to perform at Disney World next summer! We are participating in a fundraiser to help offset the cost of the trip. We are selling Yankee Candles and much more! If you want to help us out, click here, enter the group number 999969679 and the seller ID Gabbie6, and start shopping!



I’ve been looking for a new subscription box service to check out and I just signed up for the My Lavender Box referral program. Each box contains bath bombs, teas, soaps, lotions, relaxation accessories, and much more to help you unwind. Sounds nice, right? You can get $10 off with the code MYLAVENDER10!


Gymboree is ready for back to school with fun new Back To School lines. Check out Cosmic Club for girls and boys! It makes me so sad that Gabbie is now too big to wear clothes from Gymboree. Both of my boys still get clothes from there though!


I went to two Royals games this week! Gabbie and I wanted to go to the game on Tuesday because we liked the t-shirt they were giving away, but Dave didn’t want to come, so I just took Gabbie and Simon. Sadly, we lost the game. We did find this new mural at the stadium!


Then last night Dave decided to go to the game with people from work and at the last minute he got a ticket for me to attend too. We tailgated and the people from Sweet Baby Ray’s came and gave us all free barbecue sauce. I’m wearing the t-shirt I got on Tuesday too.


The Royals did awesome in this game, scoring their highest amount of runs this season at 16, and for the first time in Royals history they scored 4 runs in 4 separate innings! However, our seats were at the back of the bottom section but under the top section and there was no breeze there at all. It was soooo hot we were all dying. My clothes were soaked with sweat! So we didn’t stay to the end of the game. Oh well!


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Have a great weekend!

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