Not In Jersey: Happy July 4th Weekend! Round Up + Blogger Questions Happy July 4th Weekend! Round Up + Blogger Questions - Not In Jersey

Happy July 4th Weekend! Round Up + Blogger Questions

Monday, July 3, 2017


It’s 4th of July Weekend and we hope you’re having a good one! Simon, Dave, and I started out our weekend at a fireworks show on Thursday evening and we hope to complete it with another show back at home on July 4!


I’m not doing anything creative for the 4th of July due to our travels, but some of my friends have some great posts you should check out!

Easy Red, White, and Blue Outfit from Becky

Festive Red, White, and Blue Outfit from Tif – who I’m meeting today!

Patriotic Firecracker Truffles from Danielle

Red, white, and Blue Sangria
Red, White, & Blue Sangria + Summer Salad from Heather

Patriotic_ 4th Of July Wreath Pinterest
Patriotic 4th of July Wreath from Sarah

Patriotic Tablescape from Whitney

Also, I thought I’d answer these questions that The Blended Blog put out for today!

TBB Asks

1. Favorite Animal? Dogs. Flamingoes.
2. Wine or Beer? I don’t like beer at all so I’ll go with wine!
3. Socks on/off while sleeping? Off!
4. One piece or two piece swimsuit? Well, I wear a separate top and bottom but it’s definitely not a bikini!
5. Cooking at home or eating out? I’d eat out more if we could! Normally we cook at home.
6. Pepsi or Coke? Neither.
7. Regular or electric toothbrush? My dentist says I should use electric, but right now I use a battery powered one!
8. Candy or chocolate? Chocolate.
9. Coffee or tea? Coffee.
10. Music or talk radio? Music.
11. Chick flick, action movie, or documentary? Chick flick.
12. Regular or mechanical pencil? Mechanical.
13. Swimming or laying out? Laying out is not a good idea! I usually watch though.
14. Dog or cat? Dog.
15. What do you drive? Van.
16. Early bird catches the worm or night owl? Night owl for sure. I’m not a morning person.
17. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? I’d be super fat, but macaroni and cheese!
18. While sleeping: phone in your room or another room? Another room.
19. Singing in the shower, yes or no? No.
20. Oreo cookies: eat whole, take apart, dip in milk? Eat whole.

Have a great holiday!