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Cleveland–Museum of Natural History

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Cleveland–Museum of Natural History

After our stop in Chicago, the next destination on our road trip was Cleveland, OH. Once again, we made use of our science museum membership and this time visited the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. As a natural history museum, it was not the same as the museum we had visited the previous day in Chicago, and it was unique because it had an outdoor area with live animals as well.

Just Gabbie’s favorite pose with a mural in the entrance.

A cool pendulum.

Zachary pretending to be cold.

Getting out some energy outside!


A few animals:


Some of the indoor displays:

Spot the “bug” on the display.


After the museum, we met up with some friends that moved to Cleveland and we all had dinner, but I didn’t take any photos there. And then it was on to the next stop!