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Chicago–The Museum of Science and Industry

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Chicago - Museum of Science and Industry

After leaving Springfield, IL, our next road trip destination was Chicago. Being members at our local science museum this year has gotten us reciprocal entry into science museums around the country, and the Museum of Science and Industry was definitely one of our favorites! There was so much to see there and since we arrived later in the day, we almost ran out of time, but we feel like we saw most of it! There are some areas that are not included in the regular entry and required additional payment, but the areas that were included were really fun and interesting for all of us.

Mirror Maze

The Mirror Maze was Zachary’s suggested first stop, and it was his birthday, so that’s what we did! He wanted to do it again as soon as we finished it, but we had to continue on!


The Baby Chick Hatchery

Gabbie’s ultimate destination was to see the baby chicks. They were so cute! There were some hatching at the moment and some that had already hatched recently.


The Great Train Story

Simon loves anything about trains, so this was a lot of fun for him to check out!


Science Storms

Simon was actually scared of this area, but he came around! Zachary got to participate in a demonstration about tornadoes too.

DSC_7641  DSC_7642DSC_7645DSC_7650DSC_7651DSC_7652DSC_7653DSC_7654DSC_7655

Extreme Ice

Where you can touch a real wall of ice. Yes, it was cold!


The Art of the Bicycle

This was a really interesting display about all kinds of bicycles, plus various artistic displays of bike seats, etc.


Ships Gallery

This area includes a lot of artwork and models of ships. We didn’t spend that long in this section but I thought it was cool!


Farm Tech

Dave works in agricultural finance and he was very excited about this part of the museum!


Colleen Moore’s Fairy Castle

Just a cool doll house type set up to check out!


The Idea Factory

This is the younger kids’ area, but my kids all loved it.



I’m not sure what this area is actually called because it doesn’t seem to appear on the current museum map, but we had a fun time there!


U-505 Submarine

We were literally running down to the bottom of the museum to see this! It was time for the museum to close and we were out of time but we wanted to see it. It was huge!


From there, it was off to dinner at Milt’s BBQ. I already shared some of the food pictures from that night, but I think they are yummy enough to share again!

BBQ Nachos


Brisket Burger – I split it with Dave

Zachary’s birthday cake!

Outside the restaurant

Walking in Chicago

We took a walk around Wrigley Field, which was kind of cool to see. There was a game going on at the time! We were interested in the roof top watch parties all around the stadium and the fact that the stadium is a lot smaller than ours. The kids and Dave wear Royals hats, and someone called down to us “Go Royals!”


From Chicago, we drove a few more hours to Sturgis, Michigan, where we spent that night! Have you ever been to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago?

I want to give a shout out here to the software called Recova. I was moving photos around and these were stored on my media card. Somehow when I moved them to my computer, they didn’t all transfer and I deleted them off the card without realizing. Recova got them back for me, completely free and no problems! Phew!