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Hooray, It’s Friday! Cute and Fun Things

Friday, June 23, 2017


I’m not sure what to say this week because so much is going on but I want to save it all for separate posts! So here are just a few things!


When I was browsing Instagram, I came across such a pretty account, I just had to follow! Malupenella shares photos of colors and textures from her travels.



In Kansas, I still haven’t found any Rae Dunn products, but here in NJ I found a few at Home Goods. I just got this one mug so far, but maybe I’ll get more!



My sister-in-law took the kids to the mall and bought them Lego sets. We don’t exactly need more Legos, but at least they are entertained!



My sister-in-law also bought us these tiny cupcakes. They are so cute!



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Have a great weekend!

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