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10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do / Try

Thursday, June 8, 2017


This month’s topic for 10 on the 10th with Perfectly Port is 10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do / Try, which sounds like a great excuse to post a bucket list! A very cool website I recently came across is called My Bucket List Journey and on it the writer has a list of over 800 Bucket List Items she wants to complete – and many she has already completed! I have been meaning to write my own bucket list and this post prompt is a good way to get that started. I’ve also created a few bonus lists!

10 Things I’ve Always Wanted To Do or Try

1. Be present for a baby’s birth – not via c-section. This is something I have never been able to experience myself. (Read more about that here).

2. Visit all 50 states. The ones I have left are: Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

3. Ride in a hot air balloon.


4. Attend an Olympics event.

5. Visit the Redwood Forest.

6. Write a novel.

7. Stay in a private bungalow on the water somewhere tropical.


8. Organize and participate in a progressive dinner.

9. Stand in 4 states at once.

10. Cheer on runners at a marathon.

Things I Haven’t Necessarily Always Wanted to Do or Try but I Want to Do or Try Now:

1. Meet Tony Goldwyn.

2. Try Paddle Boarding.

3. Do an Escape Room.

4. Try Stitch Fix.

5. Do a ropes course / zip line.


6. Get a makeover and have photos taken.

7. Ride a beach bike on the beach.

8. Participate in a pay-it-forward in the Starbucks Drive-Through line.

9. Take a trip with each of my kids individually.

10. See the Northern Lights.

Things People Might Have On Their Bucket Lists But I Have No Intention Of Doing or Trying:

1. Skydiving.

2. Get a tattoo.

3. Attend a high school reunion.

4. Be on a reality show.

5. Sing Karaoke in public.

6. Fly a plane.

7. Eat bugs.

8. Run a marathon.

9. Do a polar bear plunge.

10. Teach a class.

Things People Might Have On Their Bucket Lists That I’ve Already Done or Tried:

1. Crawl through a cave.

2. Rappel down a cliff.

3. Swim with stingrays.

4. Visit a volcano.

5. Complete a 1/2 marathon.

6. Research my family history.

7. Visit the Egyptian pyramids.

Image (2)_thumb[1]

8. Knit a sweater.

9. See a Broadway Show.

10. Get acupuncture.

Have you done or tried any of these things? Do you want to?

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