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June in Review

Friday, June 30, 2017


June was rather interesting this year because we traveled to NJ and stayed all month! We have never gone away from home for so long before. I’m not even sure why we decided to do the trip that way, but it made sense when we planned it, I suppose! I will once again be linking up with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Month Review in Numbers Link Up!

Month Review In Numbers

Days We Were At Home – 6

Days Spent Driving to NJ – 4

States Driven In – 8
KS | MO | IL | IN | MI | OH | PA | NJ

States Slept In – 6
KS | IL | MI | PA | NJ | NY

Times Driven Across The NJ / NY Border – 4 Round Trips

Times Crossing The NJ / NY Border By Train – 2 Round Trips 

State License Plates Seen (at least once) – 41

Birthdays Celebrated – 1 (Zachary)

Birthday Cakes Zachary Had – 3


Days Zachary Has Been At Camp – 5

Days Gabbie Spent In Canada With Her Grandparents – 5

Days Dave and I Spent in Cuba – 4


Science Museums Visited – 5
Museum of Science and Industry | Cleveland Natural History Museum | Liberty Science Center | Museum of Mathematics | The Intrepid


National Historic Sites Visited – 3
Lincoln’s Home | Thomas Edison’s Laboratory | George Washington’s Headquarters

Miles Walked – 109 +

Reviews Posted – 3
Bags and Foil Organizer | Oola Living | Sweese Bowls

Books Reviewed – 5

Ideas Posted – 3
10 Things I’ve Always Wanted to Do / Try | The Pout Pout Fish Fun and Learning Activities | 10 Ideas To Complete This Summer

Travel Related Posts – 3
NYC Chelsea and High Line | NYC MOMA | Walt Disney’s Childhood Home

Geocaches Found – 4 (3 in NJ, 1 in PA)

Items Checked Off Our Summer Bucket List – 11
Celebrate Zachary’s Birthday | Road Trip | Visit Lincoln’s House| Visit Chicago | Visit Cleveland | Attend a Wedding | Visit New To Us Museums | Get Donuts | Palisades Ropes Course | NJ Historic Sites | Zoo 


Items In My Trip Picture Folder – 1041

Pictures Shared On Instagram – 31

Total Blog Posts – 22

Happy July everyone!

Road Trip Stop: Walt Disney’s Childhood Home Town

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Marceline MO

Our first stop on our long drive from Kansas to New Jersey was in a small town called Marceline in Missouri. Why Marceline? Well, it is the town where Walt Disney grew up and the town on which he based Main Street USA in Disneyland!


In the town, there is a park called E.P. Ripley Park. It was donated to the town by the Santa Fe railroad. Disney played there as a child and named the first steam engine at Disneyland the E.P. Ripley. This train is on display at the park.

I took a picture of the post office to share with the Postal Project account on Instagram! I did not know that in 2003, the building was renamed the Walt Disney Post Office Building, making it the only federal building named for Walt Disney!

The original Main Street USA!

We took our dinner break at the park and stretched our legs!


Although there is a Disney museum in town, we were not there during it’s open hours. However, we were able to check out the Dreaming Tree and Walt’s Barn.

“Although Walt’s original Dreaming Tree fell in 2015, you can still sense the energy that emanates from it’s location. Under it’s once majestic braces, Walt and Ruth Disney would observe the local nature that surrounded them. It was a magical location where Walt first learned to draw, write and dream. In 2004 Walt’s grandson planted a sapling no more than 30 feet from the original cottonwood. ‘Son of Dreaming Tree’ came from a seed harvested from the original tree, and that direct ancestor still grows proudly on the Disney Farm.”


“The barn in Marceline was the setting for Walt’s first venture as a showman. He dressed some of his pets and farm animals in costumes and announced the ‘Disney Circus’ to neighborhood  kids charging 10 cents for admission. His audience left unimpressed and Walt’s mother made him refund the admission fees. Walt learned a valuable lesson:  ‘Give the audience more than they expect and they’ll be happy customers.’ Walt’s barn came home again in 2001 during a 3 day old-fashioned barn raising. Guests from all over the world have left their message to Walt on the interior walls of the barn.”

The walls were covered with drawings and signatures and there were markers available, so of course we took our part in signing the walls!

Simon took a long time writing and when he finished he told me that instead of his name, he wrote “I’m sorry that my dad farted.” He was rather proud of himself!


And then we were on our way!

What’s Up Wednesday–June

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


So I’ve never actually done a What’s Up Wednesday post before, but I thought this month would make a good time to start! I hope it won’t be too repetitive when I write my June In Review post later this week! Here are the questions:


1. What We’re Eating This Week Month…

Being that I’m (still) not at home, I have not done so well at sticking to a healthy eating plan. So I feel like all I eat lately is carbs! There are a lot of kosher restaurants here so of course we have to visit them and I usually end up eating some sort of pasta there.


One of the best meals I had was in New York City at a Bukharian (Uzbeki) restaurant called Taam Tov. We always try to go there when we are in town!



Pelmeny Soup


2. What I’m Reminiscing About…

While in NJ, we stopped by Rutgers to see the new building for the Jewish group that Dave and I met through. It’s really nice! The visit did have us reminiscing about college!

This is new! Gabbie was dressed up because we were on our way to my nephew’s wedding.

We donated to have our names here. I think it was also supposed to say our graduation year!

3. What I’m Loving…

Being a tourist in the place I lived most of my life is pretty fun and we’ve gotten to visit a lot of fun places which I will recap over the coming weeks. I’m also loving all the time we’ve gotten to spend with family and friends while we’ve been here!

Zachary and his cousin

Our friends who used to live in KS and now live in NY

Gabbie and friends

Our best friends from college have a son Gabbie’s age, a daughter Simon’s age, and a younger son and all the kids get along great with each other!

4. What We’ve Been Up To…

Besides seeing all our friends and checking out all the fun NJ / NYC locations on our list? Actually, this week Zachary left for camp and Gabbie is away at Niagara Falls with her grandparents!

5. What I’m Dreading…

In a few weeks when we visit Zachary at camp, Dave decided that we are going to drive back straight 8 hours which will put us well into the night. I don’t like driving at night because if I fall asleep I’m nervous that Dave will too and he’ll be driving!

6. What I’m Working On…

Editing all the photos I’ve been taking!

7. What I’m Excited About…

Sharing everything we’ve been doing here on the blog! I hope to have my first recap post up tomorrow.

8. What I’m Watching / Reading…

Well I haven’t been keeping up with my TV watching here in NJ. So when I get the chance I will need to catch up on Pretty Little Liars and continue watching the current season of House of Cards! As for books, you’ll have to tune in to my upcoming book reviews to find out! Check out this month’s book reviews too!

9. What I’m Listening To…

On the trip here I got to play some of my old CDs that I never listen to anymore like Evan and Jaron and the Rent soundtrack. The kids like to listen to KidsBop Radio. And here in NJ I tune into WPLJ!

10. What I’m Wearing…

A lot of t-shirts and shorts!

11. What I’m Doing This Weekend…

A bit more time with the family and then driving back home.

12. What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

Another trip! We’re headed to San Diego this time!

13. What Else Is New…

Nothing else I can think of!

Bonus: What’s Your Favorite Fourth of July Tradition?

Although this year will be different because we’re just driving home, I like to do a few things on July 4 including eating hot dogs, swimming, and watching fireworks!

What’s Up with you today?