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Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Now that school is over and Memorial Day has passed, it’s officially summer time over here. I have been thinking about our summer plans for awhile now and things are starting to fall into place. Of course, I wanted to share my summer bucket list here since I always love seeing what everyone else is up to and sharing each time we check items off our lists! Speaking of which, lets take a look at our spring bucket list!

Many of these items were crossed off during spring break; others happened just this past week! I missed the Seven Days Walk, but the rest of the family was able to be there. The one thing we didn’t get to before the end of school was the park picnic. Oh, and preparing for summer is still happening!

Now, here are our plans for summer vacation.


Celebrate Shavuot * Celebrate Zachary’s Birthday * Road Trip * Visit Lincoln’s House * Visit Chicago * Visit Cleveland * Attend a Wedding * Visit New To Us Museums * Visit New To Us Parks * Get Donuts * Palisades Ropes Course * New Jersey Historic Sites * Visit a Zoo * Visit San Diego * Make a List of Fun Projects and Complete Them * Visit a Farm * Go Berry Picking * Movies * Attend Camps * See the Royals Play in St. Louis * Swim Lessons for Simon * Pool Days * Get Ready For School * Celebrate Simon’s Birthday

Some of these items may make sense to only me! But I will definitely be sharing more as the summer goes on. What are your summer plans?

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