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How to Charm Your YouTube Followers

Friday, May 19, 2017

Since its original launch back in 2005, YouTube has worked to become the third most viewed website in the entire world. More than one billion people use the service, watching and uploading videos all the time. Each and every day, five billion videos are watched on just about every topic you can think of. So, with crazy stats such as these, one can be left wondering how exactly their channel can stand out.

If you’ve been wondering what you can do to charm your YouTube followers, and build your viewership, then these tips may be exactly what you need.

Put Thought into Your Banner

There is a lot more involved in your YouTube videos than just the videos themselves. People often overlook their banner, which is a shame because it’s a real opportunity. Your banner should be a reflection of you and your channel, giving viewers an idea of what they should expect. The Adobe Spark YouTube banner template allows people to customize a unique banner for their channel that is both professional and effective.

Use this tool to set up how the banner will look on mobile devices as well as desktops. Go ahead and add icons/logos/and your name, jazz it up with graphics and illustrations, and create a consistent look for your brand.


Offer Value in Your Content

One of the top ways to charm your followers is to give them a reason to tune in. Why should they pick your channel over others? This doesn’t refer to being unique, it refers to just how useful the content is that you’re providing them. How will it help them? There should always be a clear message in your videos, with a clear goal.

Make Sure You Are Consistent Across the Board

As you start to build your list of followers, you need to make sure you are staying consistent not just in how often you upload videos, but in the topics you cover, and with the same high quality video each time. If you’ve always filmed makeup tutorials and suddenly you start filming video gaming demos, clearly there will be a massive disconnect between you and your audience. You are creating a brand for yourself, and people need to be able to trust in your brand and know what your brand represents.

Keep Your Videos Brief

Even though you may think that longer videos are better, in fact most people prefer watching short videos over the longer ones. Try your best to keep your videos brief. If you’ve got lots to talk about, break them up into separate videos instead.

Always Fill in the Description Box

Here’s something that many YouTubers skip on doing and it can end up costing them subscribers. It’s extremely important that you fill out the description box before uploading your video. This can include product links, follow up reviews/thoughts on products, and other helpful information that relates to that video.

Enjoy Your Hard Work

These tips are sure to start giving you positive results where your followers are concerned. By taking these steps you’ll be able to keep the followers you have, and add to them.

This post was written by Bill Clark. Bill is a freelance journalist who specialises in writing about culture and the arts, however will write about anything that piques his interest including business, travel and lifestyle.  He can be reached on Twitter @BilboClark01.