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3 Ways I Keep My Kids (Myself) Organized

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

3 Ways I Keep My Kids (Myself) Organized

With the end of school approaching, schedules are changing and evolving. There is always so much to keep track of and the good thing is that this year I think I have developed a few systems around the house that are helpful in keeping us all on track. I might go a bit overboard, but I think it works!


1. I put everyone’s activities on a monthly calendar. Each kid has a color and I use it to mark their activities on each day. I don’t usually edit the calendar if things change during the week though. It’s more of a monthly overview that I can look at when I need to know what date things are happening.


2. Each week I update my planner. I have the Plum Paper Planner and I love the labeled boxes for each kid, plus I included a “carpool” section where I write what time I am picking up each day. I do end up with a lot of cross-outs when things change during the week. Or when I make a mistake, like I did above!


3. The kids love our weekly white board calendar. Again, I use a new color for each of the kids, but I also write their name so they can see what they are doing that day. Zachary especially depends on the calendar and gets annoyed if I don’t fix it when things change! This is on the back of our front door, which is where they leave from almost every morning!

I also try to tell the kids their schedules each morning, especially if things are different for that day, but if I forget, I usually don’t have to worry that they won’t know how they are getting home or what activity to go to after school! How do you keep your kids’ schedules organized?