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Summer Bucket List

Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Now that school is over and Memorial Day has passed, it’s officially summer time over here. I have been thinking about our summer plans for awhile now and things are starting to fall into place. Of course, I wanted to share my summer bucket list here since I always love seeing what everyone else is up to and sharing each time we check items off our lists! Speaking of which, lets take a look at our spring bucket list!

Many of these items were crossed off during spring break; others happened just this past week! I missed the Seven Days Walk, but the rest of the family was able to be there. The one thing we didn’t get to before the end of school was the park picnic. Oh, and preparing for summer is still happening!

Now, here are our plans for summer vacation.


Celebrate Shavuot * Celebrate Zachary’s Birthday * Road Trip * Visit Lincoln’s House * Visit Chicago * Visit Cleveland * Attend a Wedding * Visit New To Us Museums * Visit New To Us Parks * Get Donuts * Palisades Ropes Course * New Jersey Historic Sites * Visit a Zoo * Visit San Diego * Make a List of Fun Projects and Complete Them * Visit a Farm * Go Berry Picking * Movies * Attend Camps * See the Royals Play in St. Louis * Swim Lessons for Simon * Pool Days * Get Ready For School * Celebrate Simon’s Birthday

Some of these items may make sense to only me! But I will definitely be sharing more as the summer goes on. What are your summer plans?

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Bat Mitzvah Invitations Two Ways

Monday, May 29, 2017

This post has been written in collaboration with Paperless Post. All opinions are my own.


We recently had a big occasion in our family – Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah. Things certainly are different now from how they were when I was having my own Bat Mitzvah. At that time, we went to someone’s house and paged through a big book of invitations we could choose from. We narrowed down our choices and then placed our order. The invitation was printed and sent to us. I remember having issues with the invitation we chose. First, they used the wrong color. Then we realized that I had wanted a rainbow foil overlay and the foil on ours did not contain the rainbow. You can imagine how much time we spent ordering and reordering and waiting for our invitations to arrive. Because of all of this, we had to begin the process with much time to spare before the event.

Now, with many things being done digitally, the process was a lot easier. I took photos of Gabbie and I created the invitation myself. I used Picmonkey’s collage option. I emailed the invitation to our guest list and they were able to reply directly to the email with whether or not they could attend. Here is what I came up with (with some details removed!):


Another option that I could have used is Paperless Post, which has a variety of Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitation templates ready to use. Paperless Post is an online paper stationery creator that allows you to custom make designs that best represent your individual a 2017esthetic. I have received invitations created with Paperless Post in the past and I have been impressed with the way the invitation arrives and how easy it is to reply for the event.

Just now, I used Paperless Post to create an alternative invitation for Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. It was easy to customize and as you can see it turned out quite like the one I made on my own and I did it in even less time.


Instead of emailing the invitations as attachments, Paperless Post asks for your guests’ names and email addresses as well as how many people are invited at each address and takes care of the sending and tallying of guests for you.

We did order our invitation in print for some of our non-tech savvy relatives and as keepsakes. Paperless Post offers this option as well, with the ability to order your invitations on paper, as well as the possibility of ordering just one card to keep for your album.

Paperless Post offers all types of invitations and cards which are easily customizable with your choices on type, colors, wording, etc. There are options that are free and those that are a bit fancier and cost “coins,” which is the Paperless Post currency. For example, 20 coins can be purchased for $6.

I think if I had known how easy it was to use Paperless Post when I was designing Gabbie’s invitation, I likely would have used their service. How about you? Have you ever used Paperless Post?

Hooray, It’s Friday! Last Day of School and Dave’s Birthday

Friday, May 26, 2017


This week consisted of me stressing out about the end of school, thinking about summer vacation, and working ahead on as many blog posts as I could!


Wednesday was the last day of school. We didn’t have any graduations like last year, but Simon’s class had an end of the year picnic.



We also took last day of school pictures. Have they changed at all this year?

DSC_1794  DSC_7155
DSC_1796  DSC_7147
DSC_1798  DSC_7152DSC_1799DSC_7158

And I asked the kids their yearly end of the school year questions.


What was your favorite part of school this year? Going to recess.

What did you learn? How to read a clock.

What are you looking forward to when you go back to school?  Going to recess.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A person who makes matzah.


What was your favorite part of school this year? Learning about moving west.

What did you learn? Moving west.

What are you looking forward to when you go back to school?  To get Chrome Books.

What do you want to be when you grow up? An engineer.


What was your favorite part of school this year? Getting to take home my Chrome Book.

What did you learn? I learned algebra and other stuff.

What are you looking forward to when you go back to school? Skipping math 7.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Teacher.


After school (it was a half day), we headed to Union Station to see Lightning McQueen, but the line to get in was crazy so we just walked around the outside.


And then, since we are members, we went and checked out the new outdoor part of Science City.


Also, Zachary is now tall enough for the Sky Bike!



It was also Dave’s birthday! I’m not a baker but I made a super easy ice cream brownie cake by making a brownie mix and then pressing it into a pie plate and topping that with ice cream. The kids did the decorating!

DSC_7244  DSC_7246DSC_7251

Also, Dave and I went out for beer.



This week I posted about:

flower_craft_idea  my_day_with_scandal_cast

Have a great weekend!

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My Day With The Scandal Cast

Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Day With The Scandal Cast

Last week I got to travel to New York City to meet up with a friend and take part in some celebrity-watching. Some of you may remember that I used to be a big fan of the show Scandal. I eventually stopped watching the show, but I stayed a fan of the cast, especially of Tony Goldwyn. I have wanted to attend a cast panel for awhile now but there were always other things going on and when I found out there would be one in New York City that I could actually attend, I jumped at the chance!

Both Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn were doing a lot of pre-finale promotional appearances, but for some reason Tony’s schedule wasn’t made known like Kerry’s was. At first, she was supposed to appear on The View and my friend and I got tickets to the screening through their website. A few days ahead of time though, we realized that The View website no longer indicated that she would be there. The day prior to our visit, I saw that she was scheduled for Live With Kelly and Ryan and the tickets were available!

Early morning NYC

We had to be in line for the show at 7:15 AM and after we were all checked in, we had to stand in line and wait for an hour or so. We did see Kerry arriving and walking inside, but other than that the wait was pretty uneventful. Once we got inside, we were seated on the 2nd level in the back row of two, so I don’t believe we were on TV or anything, but we could still see.

Some of my pictures were taken through a glass wall and appear closer than I actually was!

Kerry came out and they talked to her and it was all very cool to see her in real life.

DSC_6927  DSC_6928
DSC_6932  DSC_6933

There was a commercial break and after that Kelly and Ryan were explaining a game they were going to play which was pretty much like Pictionary. They would draw for each other and guess what the other was drawing. But Kerry needed a partner to draw with. So I was thinking hmm, she will bring out someone we’ve never heard of, or someone from the audience, or not have a partner, but then she introduced who she brought with her and it was TONY! I grabbed my friend and said something like “are you serious?!” and Tony came out and it was amazingly cool.


Then they played the game and of course Tony and Kerry won!

DSC_6945  DSC_6947DSC_6948DSC_6949DSC_6950DSC_6951DSC_6952

I think you can say I was glad this was the appearance we ended up at!

Later that evening, we arrived at the Paley Center for Media for the Scandal finale viewing and panel with the cast.


The room that the panel was in apparently holds about 200 people. We were seated on the left side of the stage, but after a little while they were moving people around and we asked if we could move up. After some confusion, we ended up on the right side of the stage in the front row!! When the cast entered and left they passed right in front of us. We also watched the finale before the panel began. Because I knew the finale would air, I did catch up on the previous episodes for season 6. It was kind of strange watching with so many people, but also funny and entertaining to hear everyone else’s reactions to the craziness that is the show.

Before we moved up.

I don’t honestly remember a lot of the panel discussion itself, but each cast member was given a turn to answer questions and it was generally pretty interesting. I spent a lot of time watching Tony of course! And also getting frustrated by my camera because I didn’t think my pictures were coming out very well. They turned out better than I expected though!

This is what Tony does when they talk about who Olivia should end up with – Fitz or Jake. Basically everyone there thought Fitz though, so he didn’t need to worry.

Here I believe he was talking about how they filmed the inauguration scene in the finale, as he was the director.

I look at him like that too…

Here Tony was laughing at something that Josh Malina said, but I don’t remember what!

He laughed so hard he was crying though!

I’m so glad I got to be at both of these appearances and even though I don’t exactly plan to watch season 7 of Scandal, I would definitely do this again to get to see Tony and Kerry again!

Have you ever attended any celebrity appearances?