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Spring Bucket List

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It has been so dreary and rainy here for the past two weeks, that the first thing on my list should be to make it actually be spring! Of course, I have no control over that! I just hope it finally gets nice in time for our spring break, which is next week! I’ve been busy thinking up some fun things to do over spring break and throughout the rest of the school year, and I wanted to share them here today!


Visit the Farm * Celebrate Passover * Check Out Scraps KC * Art Museum * Celebrate Mother’s Day * Celebrate Dave’s Birthday * Plan Zachary’s Birthday Party * Fly a Kite at the Arboretum * See Beauty and the Beast * Gabbie’s Dance Recital * Seven Days Walk * Park Picnic * Royals Games *See Lightning McQueen at Union Station * Prepare for the Summer

What’s on your spring bucket list?