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Let It Be

Friday, April 28, 2017


In my life, I have realized there are times I need to let go and let it be. There are things that overwhelm me or frustrate me and I try to remind myself to just Let It Be. I received this shirt from Cents of Style in exchange for my review. If you make a purchase after clicking the links in this post, I may receive a small commission. All opinions are my own.

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I have been trying to lose weight and feel better about myself. I don’t like how I look in pictures and I often feel like I don’t recognize myself. I kept thinking I’d get in more pictures once I’m happy how I look. I’m not giving up and I’m even working harder than I have been to reach my weight loss goals, but at the same time, I’m going to let myself be in pictures. And share them. Because I need to Let It Be.


I begged and fought with Gabbie to come with us to the arboretum. I wanted her in these pictures too. But she’s reached the stage where she doesn’t want to do things that she doesn’t want to do and she’d rather stay home than hang out with us, I guess. So I Let It Be.


Everyone seems to be talking about the blogging numbers game and I admit I pay attention to my stats and followers counts. I see bigger accounts complaining when their photos get less than 1000 likes. I only just started hitting 100 likes per photo, if I’m lucky. I don’t get anywhere near enough blog hits per day for my blog to be considered successful. And yet, blogging makes me happy. So I’m Letting It Be.


Today, Dave and I have a meeting with Simon’s teachers regarding his progress in first grade. He, like Zachary, has difficulty with written language. I really hoped that Simon wouldn’t have the same difficulties that Zachary does, but the teachers made this meeting seem almost desperate and I can’t help worrying what they will suggest. Having been through this all before with Zachary, I shouldn’t be worried. I should Let It Be.


I’m so often worrying about the next thing. Now that spring break is over, what about summer? But at the same time, I need to enjoy this current season and appreciate all the fun things we do. I need to be in the moment. I need to Let It Be.

“Let It Be,” like the Beatles said, and like my shirt now reminds me, is a saying I hope to live by. Cents of Style is offering this shirt for $15.95, with FREE SHIPPING with the code BESTORY from 4/28-4/30. The shirt is really soft and comfortable and I love how it is slightly flared at the bottom. There are many other designs available including “Be Kind,” “Be Happy,” “Be Still,” and “Be True,” plus another favorite of mine, “Just Be.”

I love how many colors and designs there are! Don’t forget to use the code BESTORY and express who you will be!

How do you Let It Be?