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I’ll Show You My…Happy Things

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

20 Things To Be Happy About

For a long time, if you asked me what my favorite book was, I would tell you it was 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. Basically a long list, the book details all sorts of things to be happy about and I would read through it and underline things that I especially liked, making notes about which ones reminded me of people. Some examples of things that were listed in the book can be found on the Things To Be Happy About website:

  • original work
  • the liberation of not needing to take your thoughts, ambitions, or self so seriously
  • soft pink brick walls
  • no line at the bakery
  • being reminded of the simplicity of your needs
  • Love and South Pole, Illinois towns
  • giving your “all”
  • surviving cafeteria and junk food machines
  • an airport reunion
  • hither and yon
  • throughway or thruway?
  • containers and tubs of cascading flowers
  • spray-like rain
  • going to bed when you are tired
  • (and if you refresh the page, you get a new list!)
  • (and there’s even the same idea on a page for kids!)


I’m pretty sure I wrote my own list of things to be happy about back at the time that I was into the book, but today I’m going to start a new list – 20 things to be happy about right now.


1. When you hear a song you used to love and you still remember all the words.

2. Looking forward to vacation.

3. Extra time for reading.

4. Being the birthday celebrant.

5. Sunshine after days of rain.

6. Getting a great deal on something you want.

7. A visit to your home town.

8. Sharing interests with your kids.

9. Believing in yourself.

10. When you solve or fix a problem.

11. When your team wins.

12. Getting a package.

13. The first sip of coffee.

14. Visiting a new place.

15. Yearly traditions.

16. Seeing how much your kids have learned.

17. Hiking to a waterfall.

18. Making a new friend.

19. Understanding something spoken in another language.

20. Being reunited with someone you miss.

If you wrote a post about things that make you happy, link it up below!

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What are you happy about today?