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Let It Be

Friday, April 28, 2017


In my life, I have realized there are times I need to let go and let it be. There are things that overwhelm me or frustrate me and I try to remind myself to just Let It Be. I received this shirt from Cents of Style in exchange for my review. If you make a purchase after clicking the links in this post, I may receive a small commission. All opinions are my own.

DSC_6420  DSC_6422

I have been trying to lose weight and feel better about myself. I don’t like how I look in pictures and I often feel like I don’t recognize myself. I kept thinking I’d get in more pictures once I’m happy how I look. I’m not giving up and I’m even working harder than I have been to reach my weight loss goals, but at the same time, I’m going to let myself be in pictures. And share them. Because I need to Let It Be.


I begged and fought with Gabbie to come with us to the arboretum. I wanted her in these pictures too. But she’s reached the stage where she doesn’t want to do things that she doesn’t want to do and she’d rather stay home than hang out with us, I guess. So I Let It Be.


Everyone seems to be talking about the blogging numbers game and I admit I pay attention to my stats and followers counts. I see bigger accounts complaining when their photos get less than 1000 likes. I only just started hitting 100 likes per photo, if I’m lucky. I don’t get anywhere near enough blog hits per day for my blog to be considered successful. And yet, blogging makes me happy. So I’m Letting It Be.


Today, Dave and I have a meeting with Simon’s teachers regarding his progress in first grade. He, like Zachary, has difficulty with written language. I really hoped that Simon wouldn’t have the same difficulties that Zachary does, but the teachers made this meeting seem almost desperate and I can’t help worrying what they will suggest. Having been through this all before with Zachary, I shouldn’t be worried. I should Let It Be.


I’m so often worrying about the next thing. Now that spring break is over, what about summer? But at the same time, I need to enjoy this current season and appreciate all the fun things we do. I need to be in the moment. I need to Let It Be.

“Let It Be,” like the Beatles said, and like my shirt now reminds me, is a saying I hope to live by. Cents of Style is offering this shirt for $15.95, with FREE SHIPPING with the code BESTORY from 4/28-4/30. The shirt is really soft and comfortable and I love how it is slightly flared at the bottom. There are many other designs available including “Be Kind,” “Be Happy,” “Be Still,” and “Be True,” plus another favorite of mine, “Just Be.”

I love how many colors and designs there are! Don’t forget to use the code BESTORY and express who you will be!

How do you Let It Be?

5 Ways To Wear a Diamond Silk Scarf

Thursday, April 27, 2017

5 Ways To Wear a Diamond Silk Scarf

I have a lot of scarves in my closet. I have infinity scarves, blanket scarves, long and short scarves, and regular old rectangular scarves. One type of scarf that I did not have is the new scarf design from the designer scarf brand Echo Design – a diamond shaped scarf. This 100% silk, diamond shaped scarf is bright and colorful and I couldn’t wait to try it out. But how should I wear it? Well, like most scarf designs, the diamond shaped scarf can be styled in many different ways. Check it out!

This is the scarf laid out flat.

Fold in the top and bottom points towards the middle.

Fold the scarf in half again.

1. Tie it in a knot behind your neck for a choker type look. If you have shorter hair or your hair is up, the ties hang down in the back.

2. Turn it around so the ties hang down in front. I think this style is cute to dress up and add more color to a plain t-shirt.

3. Use it as a headband. My face may indicate how I felt about that idea. You could also tie the scarf around your head in more of a head wrap style.

4. Tie it loosely in the back so it fits like a thin infinity scarf. I think this is my favorite look that I tried.

5. Wear it as a bracelet!

Echo Scarves carries this Ditzy Patchwork Silk Diamond Scarf, as well as many diamond scarf designs in a variety of colors and other scarves and wraps, hats, bags, gloves, beachwear, ponchos and capes, loungewear, and home d├ęcor for every room in your house. Echo brand items would make lovely gifts. The scarf that I have shown off above is colorful, soft, and comfortable on, and I am impressed by the diamond shaped new scarf design.

Echo Scarves was founded in New York City in 1920 by Edgar and Theresa Hyman. The vibrancy of the city was captured in their colors, patterns, and textures. Now, the quality, craftsmanship, and integrity of that heritage lives on in fashion accessories, bags, beachwear, and home design and Echo continues to draw inspiration from the city, while still believing that a single accessory can transform an outfit, a room, a mood, or a perspective.

Learn More About Echo Design:
site | facebook | instagram | pinterest | twitter

Which of the ways that I wore this scarf do you like the best?

I received this product for free in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

Spring Break Recap

Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Spring Break was a fun time, in which the kids mostly cooperated and enjoyed the things we did together. A good part of break was spent celebrating the Passover holiday as a family and a bit with friends. On the other days, the kids and I went on a few adventures around town. Here’s what we did.

1. Gabbie, Zachary, and I saw Beauty and the Beast. Simon wasn’t interested, so we went on a Sunday so he could hang out with Dave. The screening we went to was officially a sing-along screening, which meant that the words for the songs were displayed on screen. No one really sang though – I only did about as much as I would have if the words weren’t displayed, and Zachary only hit me twice.

2. We went to the farm. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a popular destination for kids of all ages and I love that my kids still enjoy it there!

The goats had Harry Potter names. The kids ran around checking each goat’s number to see what his or her name was!


3. We played outside. Simon had been wanting a scooter very badly and he finally got one. Zachary wanted to try roller blading, so I let him use my old ones. Yes, his feet are as big as mine are.


4. We checked out a crafty store called Scraps KC. It is a store that sells craft supplies and materials and has a make-and-take space where you can use the materials provided to create projects. Simon created the most things and Zachary made one thing. Gabbie brought home some corks to make something at home.


5. We visited the new Royals mural.


6. We went to the art museum. The Nelson-Atkins is free to visit and we spent some time in the sculpture garden and the galleries.


7. We went swimming at the Olathe Community Center.


8. We went to two Royals games.

DSC_6284  DSC_6286
Zachary got autographs from Paolo Orlando and from Salvy!


The Royals won each of the games we were at.


9. We went to Scheels.

DSC_6375  DSC_6376

10. We checked 6 items off our bucket list!


I hope spring is treating everyone well!