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March In Review + 12 Things About Gabbie

Friday, March 31, 2017


March was a busy and interesting month and as always, I’m surprised to be at the end of yet another one! I will once again be linking up with Shoes To Shiraz for her monthly Month Review in Numbers Link Up!

Month Review In Numbers

Days The Kids Were Off School – 2.5 (3 for Gabbie)

Holidays Celebrated – 1

Posts About Florida – 3
Science Center | The Beach | Nature Centers

Times We Decorated Cookies – 2


School Events Attended – 2
Reader For Simon’s Class | Simon’s Open House


Days On Which It Was Above 80 Degrees – 2

Reviews Posted – 5
Once Again Nut Butter | Dealspotr | MagneticShul | Outfits App | Ipsy Bags

Books Reviewed – 3

Posts About The Kids – 3
The Kids Behind The Blog | Simon’s Chag Siddur | Gabbie Through The Years

Rooms Decluttered – 4
Basement | Office | Bathroom | Another Bathroom

Money Made At The Consignment Sale – $312

Family Members From Out of State Who Came For Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah – 14

(not everyone!)

Items In My March Picture Folder – 310

Pictures Shared on Instagram – 40

Total Blog Posts – 23


Tomorrow is Gabbie’s birthday! So in honor of that and keeping with the numbers theme, here are 12 things about Gabbie for her 12th birthday. As an aside, I asked the boys for help with this and they were not really helpful – Simon said she’s a girl and she’s nice and Zachary said she likes to dance and she hangs out in our guest room!

1. Gabbie was an April Fool’s Day baby. When I called my mom to say I was at the hospital, she asked if I was making an April Fool’s Joke. Nope, but that would have been creative if I was!

2. Gabbie has been practicing all year for her dance competition team and her first competition is finally this Sunday!

3. Gabbie did not get her dance skills nor her tall and skinny figure from my side of the family!

4. Gabbie loves shopping. Sometimes we go to a store and she feels like she has to find something to buy just for the sake of buying something and I wish she didn’t have that urge!

5. Some of Gabbie’s favorite foods include pickles, chicken, meat, cheese sticks, and pizza.

6. Gabbie likes watching family vlogs on YouTube.

7. Some of you noted Gabbie’s curly hair in my “through the years” post the other day. And then her hair was straight in the pictures from our swap reveal! She had it straightened last Friday for her Bat Mitzvah.

8. When she gets in the car, she asks to change the radio station. And now she can do it herself if she sits in the front seat.

9. Gabbie went to the mall on Sunday and came back with a gift for me!


10. Gabbie isn’t afraid to dance on a stage in front of 100s of people, but she does not enjoy speaking in public. However, she did great at her Bat Mitzvah! She was poised, loud enough, read slowly and clearly…can you tell how proud I am?

11. Gabbie got a FitBit and she turned her step goal down lower so that she could try to meet the goal each day.

12. When I was pregnant with Gabbie, I didn’t find out if I was having a boy or a girl. I was convinced she would be a boy – I think partially because I was afraid I wouldn’t have a girl and I really wanted a girl! I’m so happy that Gabbie is my daughter.

Happy Birthday Gabbie and Happy April to all!