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Engaging Children In Synagogue With MagneticShul

Friday, March 17, 2017

Engaging Children In Synagogue With MagneticShul

Something you may not know about my family is that we go to prayer services at our synagogue every Saturday morning. We have been through a lot of stages in this experience as our kids have gone with us to synagogue from a very young age. We are fortunate that our synagogue has babysitting, a Mommy and Me group, and groups for the older kids during services so we are able to pray and listen to the rabbi speak without the children interrupting. However, there are times when the kids have to sit with us, when kids don’t want to go to their respective groups or to babysitting or when those services are not available. In those times, the kids must learn to sit quietly and for those times, MagneticShul is a perfect toy to occupy and engage children in synagogue (shul is the Yiddish word for synagogue).

“MagneticShul is an amazing toy designed to engage young children in ritual synagogue life. Each kit consists of the self-contained box and magnets. The box has a handle to help children carry it and when opened children find a backdrop of the sanctuary. Children use the over fifty magnets to tell the story of their synagogue experience and their surroundings…MagneticShul [was developed] as a play scene of the synagogue to give children that entry point into the experience of Jewish rituals.”


Simon was very excited to test out his new MagneticShul set. He was able to remove the magnets from their sheets by himself.

He began setting up a scene of the sanctuary right away.

Here he was annoyed because I was taking his picture before he was ready!

The MagneticShul characters are so cute!

Simon created a scene in which the kids have gone up to get grape juice from the rabbi – as he sees happen every week!

These pictures were not taken at the synagogue, but I can definitely see Simon playing with this while sitting with me at services. I also think my niece will enjoy playing with it when she visits us for Gabbie’s Bat Mitzvah! Visit MagneticShul on Facebook for more information!

Do you have a trick for keeping kids quiet during prayer services?

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