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A Week of Smoothies With Once Again Nut Butter

Monday, March 6, 2017

A Week of Smoothies With Once Again Nut Butter

After my daily workouts, I love to relax with a good smoothie. Something sweet but healthy, cool and refreshing, and yummy. Plus I am told that protein after working out helps with continued muscle growth. When I got the chance to sample and review Once Again Nut Butter, I knew I wanted to use it in my smoothies.

As an employee-owned business, Once Again Nut Butter follows Fair Trade and Sustainability standards for their farm partners, suppliers, and prices. They are located in upstate New York and have been manufacturing nut butters, seed butters, and honeys since 1976. Their nut and seed butters are gluten free, non GMO verified, organic, vegan, and kosher.

Also? Delicious!

DSC_5290  DSC_5293
Day 1 – Cashew Butter and Banana Smoothie:
1 Banana
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1/3 Cup of Cashew Butter
1/2 tsp Vanilla
1 Egg (optional)
Blend all and sprinkle nutmeg on the top.

Once Again Cashew Butter uses the finest organically grown cashews, creating a super creamy organic butter. Expeller-pressed sunflower oil is also added to enhance the smoothness of the cashew butter.

This smoothie tasted like banana and cashews. It has a good deal of the Cashew Butter in it, so it was pretty nutty tasting. It was also filling and I didn’t eat lunch after drinking this one!

DSC_5304  DSC_5307
Day 2 – Chocolate Almond Butter Smoothie:
1 Banana
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1 Tbsp Almond Butter
1 Pack of Chocolate Flavored Protein Powder

Once Again Almond Butter uses the finest organic almonds available, which are dry roasted and milled with nothing else added to produce delicious organic almond butter.

I used the chocolate protein powder I got in my most recent Daily Goodie Box, ALOHA Greens. It went really well with the Almond Butter and I really enjoyed this smoothie!

DSC_5343  DSC_5345
Day 3 – Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie:
1 Cup of Frozen Strawberries
1 Cup of Almond Milk
2 Tbsp Almond Butter

I didn’t want all of my smoothies to have banana in them so this one was good for a change. It also had a thicker consistency because of the frozen strawberries. For a less icy version, I would have had to add more of the liquid.

DSC_5350  DSC_5353
Day 4 – Sunflower Butter Green Smoothie:
2/3 Cup of Milk
1 Banana
1 Tbsp Sunflower Butter
2 Cups of Spinach

Once Again Sunflower Seed Butter is made from organically grown sunflower seeds, which are milled smooth with sugar and salt added to create a delicious sunflower seed butter.

My one and only green smoothie of the week came out pretty well! I love my blender, by the way. Also, the Sunflower Butter tastes great and I’ve been eating it with a few slices of apples in the afternoons as well.

DSC_5359  DSC_5362
Day 5 – Peanut Butter and Celery Smoothie:
2 Stalks of Celery
1 Banana
4 Tbsp Peanut Butter
1 1/2 Cups of Almond Milk
Blend the celery and banana first, then add the rest and blend.

Once Again Peanut Butter uses organic peanuts that are dry roasted and milled.

A unique combination, I wasn’t sure how I would like celery in my smoothie, but I liked how it turned out! This peanut butter has less carbs and less sugar than the kind my kids eat and I’m not sure they would appreciate the taste, but I like it!

DSC_5385  DSC_5386
Day 6 – Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie:
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1 Banana
1 Tbsp Peanut Butter
1 tsp Vanilla

This one may have been my favorite! Pretty simple, but tasted so good!

DSC_5392  DSC_5393
Day 7 – Blueberry Cashew Butter Smoothie:
1 Cup of Almond Milk
1 Cup of Frozen Blueberries
2 Tbsp Cashew Butter
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Tsp Vanilla

No wait, this one was my favorite! The blueberries just tasted so good with the Cashew Butter and the honey gave it just a bit of extra sweetness. I really liked the texture of this one too.

I plan to continue to use these nut butters in my smoothies and I hope you will check them out too! For more information, visit:
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Do you love smoothies as much as I do? Which of these looks good to you?

I received this product for free from Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to use this product and post my honest opinion on my blog. The opinions posted are my own.

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