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91 Day Declutter Challenge–Kids’ Bedrooms

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Weeks 7 and 8 of the Declutter Challenge focused on bedrooms, other than the master bedroom. We actually have 5 bedrooms in our house! The guest room mainly didn’t need much work, aside from the closet, which I will share at a later time. That left the three kids’ rooms.

Kids' Rooms Reveal

Simon’s Room

Simon’s room was a bit tricky for a few reasons. One: he is a collector. He loves to keep all sorts of things around his room. And Two: he’s the baby. So all of the baby things have been kept in his room for the past 6 years! So it took a bit of work.

Dresser Top –  Before and After.
Actually, we replaced the lamp with a Spider-Man lamp that was in Zachary’s room as well. All of the clothes had been piled on his dresser because his top drawer was full of baby things! It is so nice to have that cleared up now.

Outside of the Closet – Before and After
The box was part of Simon’s box collection. Whenever we get something in a box, he turns it into a car or a rocket ship and then puts it in his room. I had to get rid of a bunch of them! And the rocking chair was covered with the clothes I couldn’t hang up because the boxes were blocking the closet. And also I’m lazy. We decided to keep the rocking chair in Simon’s room, even though we don’t have a baby to rock anymore. The green pants tossed over the chair is a costume that I haven’t put away yet, because I haven’t organized our costume collection yet!

DSC_5349  DSC_5397DSC_5391
Inside of the Closet – Before and After.
Because I haven’t done the consignment sale in awhile, Simon’s closet was full of boxes of things I planned to go through and give away or try to sell. That’s all taken care of now, and his clothes are all hung up where they belong!

DSC_5366  DSC_5368DSC_5367DSC_5369
Bookshelves – Before and After
Here are some of Simon’s collections – Pine cones, which I gathered into a bucket from Target, and piggy banks. I checked, and he has coins in every single one! Also you can see the pile of stuffed animals in the corner. I left those alone for now. I had previously straightened his books and removed the more babyish ones, so I just needed to fix that overflowing bin on the middle shelf!

Drawers – Before and After.
Phew! All straightened and the too small things were removed, so now I can see what Simon actually has! He has a ton of t-shirts but not so many shorts. I did move some down from Zachary’s drawers after this though! I didn’t take pictures of his top drawer that was filled with hand knitted baby things. I put those away in the basement and now his pajamas are in that top drawer!

Zachary’s Room

Dresser Top – Before and After.
I guess there isn’t too much of a difference, but Zachary and I went through what he wanted to keep and what he did not. The bin to the side of the dresser was cleaned up as well.

Hooks – Before and After.
Just a little bit straightened up here.

DSC_5421  DSC_5526
Bookshelves – Before and After.
I changed out all of the baby frames with more mature frames and pictures of Zachary at older ages. I also straightened his books and removed some clutter from the shelves.

Closet – Before and After.
After taking out all of the extra hangers, it looks like Zachary doesn’t have very many clothes! His uniform shirts are in a drawer in his dresser, as are his t-shirts and shorts. I straightened his drawers as well, but I didn’t photograph them. The extra dresser in his closet doesn’t really have anything in it right now, except for uniform shirts that are still too big for him. He also has drawers under his bed, so he has pajamas and bathing suits there! Zachary was excited when he saw that I organized his pajama drawer!

Gabbie’s Room

Gabbie’s room was probably the hardest, because she is the oldest (and the only girl) and therefore has the most things, but she had done a lot of organizing on her own so she just needed my help finishing up. We worked on a lot of the room when she had a day off of school and then when I went through the rest of the room during the week, I checked with her on certain things I found that I wasn’t sure about.

Bed and Dresser Area:
This was mostly already done, just a bit of clearing off the dresser top! I did inside the drawers too, but again, no pictures!

Corner Shelves – Before and After.
Just some rearranging and removal of a few things!

DSC_5412  DSC_5519
Desktop and Shelves – Before and After.
This probably needed the most work, because although Gabbie had put things where she wanted them here, we still needed to declutter and rearrange a bit.

DSC_5413  DSC_5416
More Shelves – Before and After.
Looks like my after photo doesn’t show how we organized her fish supplies, but that looks better now too!

Drawers – Before and After.
These are the drawers on the side of the desk. We also did the middle desk drawer, but it was already pretty neat before hand!

DSC_5417  DSC_5521
Closet – Before and After.
Again, her closet was not so bad because it was at least partially organized into sections, and like in my closet, she has built in shelves. I removed clothes that are too small and straightened things out a bit, and Gabbie was happy when she saw the difference!

So, what do you think of my kids’ bedrooms? How is your decluttering going?

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