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The Kids Behind The Blog–January

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Our Pretty Little Girls

Time for my favorite monthly link up! I love that my kids are so willing to answer the questions each month.


1. What’s your favorite thing to do or play inside?

Simon: Kindle.

Zachary : Watch YouTube.

Gabbie: iPod.

2. What’s your favorite snow activity? 

Simon: Having a snowball fight.

Zachary: Building a snowman.

Gabbie: Building a snow castle.


3. What was your favorite Hanukkah gift you received? 

Simon: My watch.

Zachary: Finding Dory.


Gabbie: Sewing Machine.

4. What’s your favorite winter vacation you went on? Why?

Simon: Florida because of Disney World.

Zachary: Disney World because it’s fun.

Gabbie: Florida because it’s a lot warmer than it is here.

5. Would you rather live where it’s warm all year round or have the seasons?

Simon: Warm all year long like Florida. Or Israel.


Zachary: I like Florida because it gets cold but it doesn’t snow.

Gabbie: I like it to be warm but I’d like it to get cool sometimes. Like Florida.

Think they all like Florida?