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It’s Okay #146

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


It’s okay…

…that decluttering has caused me a new type of problem – too much garbage.

…that this week’s focus is the living room.

…that I found two missing kids’ books that I was really looking for! (This Is The Way We Go To School and The First of Octember!)

…that I took a bunch of books to Half Price Books and made $12. It was $17, but I bought a copy of The Nightingale, so I can return the one that is due at the library before I’ll be able to finish it!

…that sometimes lately my computer has been refusing to acknowledge that it’s connected to the internet. That annoys me.

…that Monday is the one day a week I pick up in the carpool line instead of later after school. It seems to be the same day that everyone else does the same because when I randomly pick up on other days the line is always much shorter!

What’s okay with you this week?