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It’s Okay #145

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


It’s okay…

…that with everyone off for MLK Day, I gave myself a day off of decluttering, although I still started the coat closet on Sunday. I filled two huge garbage bags from such a small space. Crazy!

…that the ice storm we were supposed to have never got here. I’m so glad our school didn’t close on Friday like the other local schools!

…that I really wanted the clouds gone because I wanted to take Gabbie’s picture for her Bat Mitzvah invitation outside. I ended up taking them inside instead!

…that the Chiefs game on Sunday was very upsetting.

…that it seems like there’s a lot going on this week!

…that I forgot today is the Children’s Book Club link up! Simon and I read the book but we didn’t do any activities for it. Snowmen At Night was really cute and Simon enjoyed it! (Despite the face he’s making…)


What’s okay with you this week?