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A Magical Day At The Magic Kingdom (Part 2)

Thursday, January 19, 2017

When we left off, we were just off of Splash Mountain and ready to eat lunch. (We bring our own food with us – sandwiches mostly!) First, we wanted to catch the new Muppets show in Liberty Square. I love the Muppets! It was about Paul Revere and it was funny!


We ate our lunch in that same location and when we finished we saw that the Hall of Presidents show was about to begin. We’d never done it with the kids and since Zachary recently learned about the past presidents, he was interested to see it as well.

This guy was trying to get some food too!


After the show, we headed towards Tomorrowland, the one area of the park we hadn’t gotten to yet.

There was a Starbucks stop on the way!


The first ride we did in Tomorrowland was the People Mover. One of our favorites!


There seemed to be some long lines so we took a nap inside the Carousel of Progress. Well, I almost fell asleep but the little kid next to me (not one of my kids) jumped and I woke up! The kids enjoyed it actually and are still singing “There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow!” Next we did the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. It wasn’t as funny this time as I remember it was last time!


Then we did Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. The line was marked as pretty long, but it wasn’t as long as expected.


We took this picture because we’d taken the same one on 2 past trips (January 2012 and June 2013)
DSC_3732IMG_6171  DSCN3768
You can’t go inside anymore!

We took a walk down Main Street (through the stores) and got on the railroad for a ride around the park. Then we walked back up Main Street on the other side.


We asked someone to take our picture and it just so happened that the castle show was ending at that time, complete with fireworks. How cool for our picture!!

DSC_3773  DSC_3774
DSC_3775  DSC_3776DSC_3778

We were on time for a quick parade, and since we missed the afternoon parade, we decided to stick around and watch.


After a break for dinner, we went back to where we started – New Fantasyland. If you’ve been keeping track, we still hadn’t used our Fast Passes for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, which we had reserved for 8:30! Of course, we planned to stay until the fireworks anyway, so it was okay that we hadn’t ridden it yet because we had time to kill. Anyway, on to Dumbo.


And another ride on the Barnstormer.


We walked back to Tomorrowland for another ride on the People Mover, and when we got off, it was pouring! And guess what? It was time for our Fast Pass but the Mine Train was closed because of the rain! Luckily, when that happens you can use your Fast Pass after your scheduled time once the ride opens again. So we had more time to kill.


We decided to ride It’s A Small World again and I was honestly falling asleep! And I was so upset that we might have to leave the park without riding the Mine Train or seeing the fireworks! The last time we were in Disney the fireworks were rained out too!


BUT! A miracle happened and the rain stopped the the Mine Train opened! It was so worth it. It was the smoothest roller coaster I’ve ever been on and it was so much fun. We all loved it.


And when we were done with that, it was time for the fireworks!

One last look at the castle!

The Magic Kingdom was open even extra hours after the fireworks, but we were tired enough to leave. So, if you weren’t keeping track, we were there for approximately 14 hours (7 AM – 9 PM), we rode 15 rides (4 of them twice), and saw 5 shows, 1 parade, and the fireworks! What a day!