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91 Day Declutter Challenge–Laundry Room

Friday, January 6, 2017

This year I am participating in a 91 Day Declutter Challenge which is being hosted by a blog called Mary Organizes. I had never read her blog before, but when I saw the announcement for the challenge on Facebook, I decided to join right away. The challenge is broken down into 7 weeks by room of your house and week #1 was the laundry room. Being the smallest room in the house certainly made starting the challenge easier, and on Sunday I read the post in which Mary broke down the week into each day and added what I’d do that day to my planner. It didn’t take me the whole week because, for example, where Mary suggested cleaning out upper shelves and cabinets on Monday and I don’t have cabinets, and Wednesday was reserved for drawers, but I don’t have drawers. So, I’d say this week went well, but I am already nervous for next week when I tackle the pantry (which I’ve been putting off for so long!) and the kitchen.


Here’s how I did!

Shelves – Before.

DSC_4942  DSC_4943DSC_4945DSC_4947
Top of the dryer – Before.

Sink and floor – Before. That blue bucket contained dog food. My dog died 2 years ago. Oops.

This basket, which was on the upper shelf, was filled with my dog’s medicines and treatments. Again, no dog.

I replaced all of that with my Swiffer supplies.

Dryer – After.
I cleaned up the top and gathered the laundry detergents into this new basket.

Shelves – After.

Laundry drying rack – I used to just pile everything onto it, but I cleaned it up and started using it correctly.

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DSC_4967  DSC_4968
Sink – After.
This was the hardest thing I did. I decided I wanted to cover up the things under the sink, and the sink itself. I bought fabric and made a sink skirt. It’s not perfect, but I like how it looks!

Full Room – After.

What do you think?