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Kentucky–Woodford Reserve and More

Thursday, December 15, 2016

In my last post about our road trip, I wrote about our visit to Louisville Slugger. While still in Louisville, we also visited the area called Fourth Street Live. We were planning to check out the Jim Beam Urban Stillhouse, but when we got there, the tours were over for the day.


We had reservations for the next morning to visit Woodford Reserve Distillery, which is about an hour from Louisville. First, we stopped by Churchill Downs, because I said I wanted to see where the Kentucky Derby is held. We didn’t do the museum there, but we looked around the gift store area a bit.

This horse was so excited to see people, he trotted right up to the gate to say hello!


Then, it was on the Woodford Reserve. We had a tour and learned how bourbon is made.

DSC_2873  DSC_2875DSC_2876

Then, we had a tasting.


And took a few more pictures!


Even though I’m not a big drinker, I found the tour interesting, and I think the kids did too!