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I’ll Show You My…Holiday Décor

Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Today I am joining in with Christina, Katie, Danielle, and Tracy for the “I’ll Show You My…” collaboration. This month’s topic is Holiday Décor. As you know, I don’t celebrate Christmas, and in fact the holiday I do the most decorating for is Sukkot – you can check out how I decorated our Sukkah here! However, I decided that for this post I will share my collection of menorahs – the candelabra that we light during Hanukkah to recall the victory of the Maccabees over the Greeks who had outlawed Judaism, and the rededication of the temple in Jerusalem at that time. Dave and I got married during Hanukkah and we received a few Hanukkah items as gifts. Since then, I have received a few other menorahs that I keep in our breakfront – on display all year, not just during Hanukkah!

I think Gabbie considers this one hers. I don’t remember when we got it, but I think it might have been from my mother-in-law.

This is the menorah we got for our wedding.

We also got this dreidel, which seems to be of the same style – maybe by the same artist. Both the menorah and the dreidel sit on top of the breakfront year round. Dreidels are a part of Hanukkah because when the Jews and Greeks were fighting and Jews were not allowed to study Jewish law, they would pretend to be playing with dreidels if the Greeks approached.

Speaking of dreidels, we also have this one that is from Israel. The Hebrew letters indicate that “a great miracle happened there,” but on dreidels from Israel, the letters instead stand for “a great miracle happened here.”

Back to the menorahs – this one I got in college for use in my dorm room.

These two were given to me by my mother-in-law.

This is my favorite. A woman I used to work with saw it discounted in a store because there was a chip in it, so she bought it for me. I think it’s adorable.

Here are some of them inside the breakfront!

Also, I decorate my entry hallway table for each season, so I recently put out the winter decorations.


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