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Gabbie’s Winter Showcase

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Last week, Gabbie performed in her dance school’s Winter Showcase. In this show, each class performs a short segment of what they have been learning in class. This year, Gabbie is taking Ballet, Tap, and Lyrical. She also is an assistant for a younger kids’ Lyrical class, and she is going to be performing a Lyrical solo in dance competitions beginning in February. For this show, she performed with her Lyrical and Ballet classes.

I have not yet figured out the skill needed to photograph a dance recital. The light behind the dancers doesn’t do much to help. Although most of my pictures are blurry, I must share them here anyway!






When the lights went down at the end of the performances, I was able to get a properly exposed photo – I think. Any tips for this kind of thing??