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Enjoying #LifeWithoutLaces With HICKIES

Friday, December 2, 2016


I have a 9-year-old who doesn’t yet know how to tie shoes. I think it’s a fine motor issue, as he does have some trouble with things like handwriting, buttons, etc. When I heard about HICKIES no-tie elastic shoelaces, I knew they would be perfect for Zachary. But guess what? When I received mine, I realized I wanted them for myself! (Zachary wants to use them too, but he first needs a pair of shoes to use them on!)


HICKIES laces turn any pair of shoes into slip-ons, while maintaining the tightness needed in a good sneaker. Each eyelet is connected separately so you can decide how tight you want your fit to be. They work in any type of shoe that has eyelets, and with many color options they can be worn in any sneakers, work boots, and even dress shoes.


These are the shoes I wear every day when I exercise. As you can see, the laces are so long that I have to double-knot them and tuck the ends under the middle so they don’t flap all over the place when I am jumping and moving around. I laced my right shoe with HICKIES in order to test them out. The lacing system is not hard, but you only have to do it one time!

I laced my top and bottom eyelets the classic way, and used the crossing option on the middle section for added tightness.

In order to test the HICKIES laces, I did my workout with my regular laces on the left and the new set on the right. I noticed that the shoe with the HICKIES stayed adjusted the same way the whole time, while the other laces loosened. I also noticed that my shoe felt comfortable and looked great! So, I replaced my laces with HICKIES shoelaces on the left side as well. At first, I thought I would have to loosen the HICKIES to put my shoes on, but I don’t, they are just like slip-ons now. So, when I go to the gym and exercise , take off my shoes for yoga, and then put my shoes on again to leave the gym, I won’t have to re-tie them!

HICKIES are available in a wide range of colors and even come in slightly smaller size for kids. Right now, adult HICKIES are $13.99 and kids are $9.99. If you buy 4 packs, you will get 1 free. Plus, you can use the code USFG to save an additional 20% off!

I think these would make a fun gift, don’t you?

I received this product in exchange for my review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.